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5 years USAF active duty,then reserve duty for nine years through part of 1979. I was driving back from Travis AFB located by Fairfield, CA during the mid-1970s, on a Sunday evening in the month of either July or August. As I traveled to Paso Robles toward Shell Beach where I lived, I saw people on Highway 46 looking upward. I stop and got out of the car and look upward. There was a flame and then there was nothing as though it had gone into some other dimension. Vandenberg AFB is located southwest of where I was and they shoot their missiles not to the northeast, but to the southwest over the ocean. [I was later assigned to Vandenberg AFB] To this day I can only say I saw a UFO; to the best of my knowledge, I know of no aircraft capable of doing this at this period in history or why it would be going upward in that location which was scrub land before the vineyards started up in SLO County.

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