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Robert (RJ) VanDriest-Mitchell

Howdy folks,

I am Robert a adult Crystal-Indigo. I also have been a life time abuctee, contactee and a survivor of the infamous Montauk Project. I am also a private lecturer in the fields of; Metaphysics, Spirituality, DNA-Ascension, Ancient 'Modern' History and Secret (Clandestine Organization) Societies among other subjects!!

There are good humans as their are bad humans, and we on earth are just a mirror reflection from the bigger cosmos out there. I had dealt throughout my childhood till my late 20s early 30s with hundreds of socalled Alien Abductions. I was in a Tug-of-War between forces of dark vs. light!

I was also used in this Montauk Project. Within a small subproject that dealt with certain type of genes and dna strands. They used on us sexual abuse (as in tantric type), what they learned through the nazi's who on their turn learned out of the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Death. They needed us for generating certain type of energies that enable them to open and closing down certain types of portals aka stargates.

But we can't stop the alien 'first' open contact, as it's part of our human evolution if we like it or not.

For now take care, and till next time!!

With (lots of) love Robert.

Prosper In The light!
Yours Truly (RJ) Robert.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Dear Tom Sutter - You may know the documentary STAR DREAMS, produced by British Columbia film maker and friend Robert Nichol. I saw STAR DREAMS at the Vancouver Planetarium in January 2003, and spent most of 2003 sharing STAR DREAMS with friends and colleagues in our Ecology.com offices. STAR DREAMS brings one into the direct experience of archetype and communication of the Crop Circles. The film takes us through some of the same Crop Circles of your work into a sympathetic frequency-experience with the Crop Circle Makers.

Having said that, your Work and your insight:


allows us to see yet more of the dimensions (Communications about Energy) multi-layered into the multi-dimensional communication of the same Crop Circles as appear in STAR DREAMS.

Who and/or what are the Crop Circle Makers? Not to personalize the concept of Crop Circle Maker, but clearly there is a multi-dimensional intelligent energy at work in creating these multi-layered Exopolitical Communications.

A brilliant breakthrough indeed!

Query - How are you networking your insights to some of the "ecology folks" and other folks developing new energy?

How can we help you network and transmit this work further into our terrestrial energy ecology?

Please keep us updated. Thank you.

Tom Sutter

You wrote: Q: "How could advanced non-terrestrial contact assist us out of our `petroleum-nuclear planetary coffin' and aid us in leading a sustainable society? Where do you see us in, say 11 years [by 2012] and 50 years [by 2050]?
This is how non terrestrials are trying to aid us right now at this very minute. All you need do is apply logical deductions. See the "first device" at;
http:imageevent.com/cropcirclerational/cropcirclesdecoded - An unmistakable message showing how to
use water as a fuel source. You ecology guys ought to study this finding. No pollution whatsoever. - Tom Sutter

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Dear Karin Holloway - Thank you for your comments.

I found the Bibliography at www.experiencers.net to be of interest, particularly, this introduction:

"Recommended books for Bibliotherapy

"As a form of self therapy, bibliotherapy has been suggested by Dr. Leo Sprinkle. Some investigators fear contamination of the Experiencer’s memories may ensue, but if this were so we’d know by now and every Experiencer’s memories would be similar to Whitley Strieber’s or to Thomas Walton’s. But because there is great diversity within the ‘normal’ structure of abduction experience this would appear not to be happening. Reading will help the Experiencer to find similar experiences to his own, and he will also realize how many other kinds of experiences there are.

"General bibliotherapy Resources"

I had the privilege of being a keynote speaker on Exopolitics at Dr. Leo Sprinkle's 2001 Conference at the University of Wyoming, when Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact was first published.

Being an Experiencer myself (Whitley Streiber
gave one of his first public radio interviews on his material on my live radio programme in the late 1980s), this Bibliotherapy approach seems very healthy.

That being said, perhaps you may also want to make room for Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact in the canon of Experiencer bibliotherapy.

At a personal level, developing the Exopolitical insight that Earth and humanity live in an ecology of dimensions, which is ultimately governed by principles of Universal law, and which is telelogical - i.e. it has a beneficial goal - has helped me enormously to resolve the issues and emotions raised by my own Experience.

Thank you.

Karin Holloway

"Mobilizing the human species to integrate with Universe society will take place in many concurrent ways. A key task is the gathering of information, research, and scientific and educational resources about Universe society."

As both an eye witness of alien visitation and as a Close Encounter Analyst, I realize that the data we've acquired about aliens so far is unreliable. I suggest we all adopt a methodology of investigation which insists on an investigation before counseling or therapy. And that we insist the investigation be clear of any suggestion or symbolism. We need to hash out problems with possible implanted memories, with alien ability to project themselves into our minds as anything they like, and with the possibility that alien encounters are a form of alien therapy and contain scenarios which are intended for our health rather than our edification. We're just beginning to discuss such things; this is the beginning of a new science and I think it likely that we won't see the outcome of such debates in our lifetimes.
Until then, I suggest we adopt the attitude that we stick out one hand in friendship to aliens and with the other we cover our butts.

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