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Hi I am from the U.K in the south east


Hi I am from the U.K in the south east ,Kent .333

I have had dreams from a child of waking while in my sleep to find a hole new world around me which is full of Alien-beings all like in a sleep condition thousands of them that i can feel but im awake and can pass through this strange world.
Its like i can understand whats going on and i feel like this is the future/s there and now ,millions of years in the future and everyone is living in the distant past because they where human then/now and enjoys feeling and speech and sun shine you know all the wonders of the free world here in our time but we are really all Aliens without memory as this would or could indanger everythink they they have created.

I could go on and on but for now this is just a pep through the window of my mind.

I hope this seed may find someone and help them in understanding the meaning to enjoy your life now, and if you would like more life tokens then please E-Mail me on
[email protected]


The Raelian Movement: A new world religion?
A PUFOIN Commentary
By John Jaeger

Early Mesopotamia

The Ancient Astronaut concept has found its roots in the legends of the Sumerian's as written on the Sumerian Tablets. These tablets speak of many of the myths found in the Old Testament. It is a logical conclusion to connect the stories in the Sumerian tablets with the later documentation found in the Bible.

The Bible falls short in the retelling of the old stories however. Over the generations of translation from Hebrew, even some of the meaning behind the myths have changed and taken on a life of their own.

The Sumerian's are thought to have been the first civilization on Earth. We look to them as being the Adam and Eve generation. However, that may not be the case. It is very plausible that the stories documented in the tablets are merely a retelling of earlier events or myth.

Tablets were discovered, which were found to have a language we haven't yet been able to translate. It may be an earlier form of a Sumerian based language or it may be a new language and writing waiting on its equivalent of a Rosetta stone to finally decipher the code.

The ongoing speculation is whether these languages and writings are of the dawn of Human existence. We know that Humans have been on the planet for tens of thousands of years so no, these aren't of the dawn of Human existence but they may reflect some of the earliest known community based languages and writings. The people of Sumer were certainly every bit of a society equivalent to those we know of today. They had trade; weddings; families; jobs; etc. They weren't hunter/gatherers or cave men.

No one can know for sure if the stories written on the tablets are of Sumerian current events or merely stories handed down over the generations. Like the Bible translations, it is reasonable to expect that over the generations the stories might become exaggerated for the purposes of impressing upon the people a moral or ethical message or merely mistranslated by future generations. Ever play the "telephone game" when in school? You tell one person a story and by the time it goes around the classroom it is very different from the one you started. That may be by chance; misunderstanding or deliberate act.

So, what does that say about the tablets found in Iraq belonging to the Sumer Era? It means that there can be a great deal of debate whether what's written on the tablets are based on real events or moral stories. Some of the stories can be supported by evidence. We continue to unearth ancient cities and often these cities can be directly associated with the descriptions found in historical records. We know the Sumerian tablets held more than just mythical stories. They were common business and personal records. They tracked trade and other transactions.
The intriguing piece found in the Sumerian Tablets is the fact that they tell the stories of Creation; The Flood; Sodom and Gomorrah and more. The details are awe inspiring and offer a totally different angle to consider our origins. Intelligent Design takes on a whole new meaning!

Science is catching up with Myth it would seem. Science is finally tapping into the basic building blocks of life. Much of our DNA is now considered to be of "alien origin". It is now being discovered that our DNA had to have been genetically manipulated and mixed with another "alien" DNA in order for us to be who we are today. Does that mean we were genetically created by an advanced alien race? Quite possibly! Would it be so wrong for us to find out that we are more than we thought we were? Would it be wrong to consider that we were engineered?

It is easy for us to believe the rhetoric we've been "sold" for thousands of years. It is much more comforting to think that there is an Almighty Being we call God who watches over us. It is how we've been conditioned. But what if there isn't this God? What if "God" is an alien being or race of beings? The Hebrew version of the Bible speaks of the Elohim. This is the plural word for "Gods". The Bible speaks of the Gods mating with the daughters of man. How do we resolve this? How do we mesh the various bits of the Bible together? Some parts speak of a benevolent being. Some speak of a wrathful being. This is because there were many "gods" and not simply "God". What's so wrong with that?

The Bible is rich with stories of UFO's and superior technology. The miracles of the time were merely everyday technology for the beings worshipped as gods.

The Raelian Movement

Today, there is a "movement" gaining momentum. It is called the Raelian Movement. It is a group of what I'll call "disinformationist" who have tapped into the discoveries of the Sumerian Tablets and elaborated to form a fuller picture to form a new religion. This Movement tells us the familiar story as carefully written out by historians like Zachariah Sitchin but fills in even more of the blanks by creating stories of modern day contacts with these Elohim.

At first read, the story is very familiar if you've read the Sumerian Tablet translations or any of the authors who write on the subject. It isn't until the middle of the story that things get really moving with tales of travel to the Elohim home world where Jesus; Mohammad; Buddha and other great figures now live in a controlled environment customized for human needs. You see, these Elohim can't breathe our air. Apparently, we can't breathe theirs.

The story goes on to say that the creator of this movement "Rael" (this is what the Elohim call him. Essentially it is supposed to mean "messenger"), was contacted in 1973 by this race of advanced beings. They tested him and told him to spread the word of their existence. Two years later, they returned and were so pleased with all that Rael had done, that they took him to their home world so he could meet the others. They also told him to build a very large and very specialized Embassy in the middle of nowhere with a big fence around it and lots of land so that the compound wouldn't be seen from the gates. Oh, and of course, Rael and his family can live there as care takers. He just needs victims... er, followers to turn over 1% of their annual earnings so that he can build this home. Only then, will the Elohim return to Earth and take their rightful place as our gods once again. Well, it doesn't actually say that last bit in those exact words but when you read Rael's "Intelligent Design" book, it tells us how the Elohim are afraid that we are smarter then they are and that if we learn of their home world we may go there and destroy them. They want to be "welcomed" and revered as our "Parents" - essentially, they want us to lavish them with wonderful things as they come to our world and are worshipped for creating us. This is basically what Rael is telling his followers. My question is simple. What if when these aliens are due to come back (after the building of the Embassy where Rael and his family will live), they don't show up? Then what? Rael will say that not enough have converted over to this religion (of course he doesn't call it a religion) and thus continue living off of the charity of others (like so many have done in the name of God. Can anyone say Catholic Church?).

I realize that my sarcasm is dripping in this commentary and probably getting your keyboard wet at the base of your monitor but how many times do we have to go through manipulation before we stop giving these false prophets a free ride? I wouldn't mind a huge compound to live in. Anyone want to follow me and give me 1% of their income so I can live off charity and not have to do anything productive other than spout out falsehoods? Come on, just one of you reading this? No? Why not? I'm a good guy. I can tell you stories too. "Once upon a time...."

If you've ready my earlier articles, you already know a lot of what I've written herein. You also know that I believe our origins ARE based on Ancient Astronauts. I do believe that we were Intelligently Designed. We have advanced. We have evolved. We are more than what we were. Today our technology rivals that of those who created us way back whenever. If we travel back in time with our current level of technology at our disposal or create our own race of beings on another world, we'd cure the sick; revive the dead; fly in the sky (from Heaven to Earth they come); talk to others at a distance through special devices; use freeze dried foods to feed the masses, etc. The list goes on and on. We could easily say we're gods and get away with it. What are they going to do? We're more powerful and could take them out in a minute. We'd rule through manipulation and strength if they didn't wish to voluntarily bow to us. Even if our intent was NOT to act as their gods, the risk exists that they'd still form religions based on us. I believe this is what happened here on Earth. I believe that there were several "gods" who ruled over cities. This is why the Bible seems to contradict itself at times. Enlil and Enki, for example (for those who follow the Anunnaki aspect of early creation).

What I find most interesting is that Rael has stated that the Embassy needs to be created before 2035. Gee, that would put him at the end of his lifespan. Must be nice to be able to die and get away from what will surely be some serious consequences for misleading so many people for so long.

The Raelian movement goes on to say that they are an Atheistic foundation. That he's been told that at death, we cease to exist (poof!) unless our genetic code is downloaded to a big database OR our DNA is gathered from our bones. That is the only way we can be recreated. He says that we don't have a soul and after death, we cease. Nothing more. Of course, the only way to be saved (reborn) is to be a follower of the Raelian movement. How else can you be added to this database of the saved?

Path of Enlightenment

While I've moved away from the "traditional" Almightily God concept, I believe that our "soul" is unique and does live on after our physical death. I believe that each life time is part of our bigger picture. I believe that we continue to grow (spiritually) in our understanding of the Universe and the Universal Consciousness (God). I believe that while our bodies might be from aliens who genetically created us a long time ago, our souls are of God who is merely a "thought" or energy that fills the Universe. Somehow he became self aware and wanted to understand his purpose. I believe this is why we have the same yearning. I believe our mission is to live our lives and learn all we can so that we progress to the next lifetime of learning. I refer to this as the Path of Enlightenment. Does that seem a bit like science fiction to you? Couldn't it be said that life is more exciting than fiction? Science Fiction is usually a reflection of reality to some degree.

This isn't even a matter of one arguing the old question of "is this all that I am? Is there nothing more?". It isn't that I refuse to accept that perhaps we only live once and then it really is all over. When I'm dead, I really wouldn't care either way, right? So this isn't about "me". It's about the order of the Universe. I simply don't see "death" in the Universe. The end of one thing typically means the birth of something else. It is cyclical. We evolve and continue to evolve. Our essence continues on. Our souls ARE the Universe. We are GOD.

Many will argue this point I'm sure. For me to point to psychics or seers or whatever we label them in today's society I'd probably be laughed at. But folks like John Edward from Long Island or Edgar Cayce were given a gift to see beyond what we see. They and others have the ability to connect with "the other side". Those who've gone through the John Edward experience will forever be convinced. Those who've been able to have out of body experiences or near death experiences where they have actually left their bodies and floated above the room, will be able to attest to this. Those who've had paranormal contact with attest to this. It is real. It isn't Memorex®.

I've personally never had an experience like this. I've never spoken to an Extra Terrestrial. I've never crossed over and seen the other side. I can only choose to believe what I choose to believe. In all, each of us must believe what is in our hearts. The evidence exists for those who wish to explore.

There have been many cults formed over the years. The Raelian Movement is simply one more. Does this "Embassy" of Rael seem at all like other Cult compounds? What did the Waco compound look like? What did Heaven's Gate compound look like? How many must "die" this time so that these Aliens can take them back to their planet for eternal life? The story of the Raelian Movement says that Rael is promised eternal life on the Elohim planet. Why would I want to live in a concentration camp where my very existence depended upon just the "right" conditions, which could easily be taken away if I don't do the will of these Aliens? It isn't like I could return to Earth on my own after getting there. Things simply don't add up.

It's a great story. I'll give Rael that. It taps into what is already in existence - the stories on the Tablets. He tosses in his own bits and pieces that can't be validated in any way, shape or form. One must simply believe or disbelieve. What is scary about movements like the Raelian Movement is that many will blindly accept because Rael comes in like a lamb and isn't "pushing" his religion on others. He calls his theories Atheistic Intelligent Design. He has some concerned that if they reject him and he "is" the new Messiah that they'd be condemned. He is seeking "land" in Israel to build his Embassy. In the book, he makes certain to point out that Israeli contains his Elohim given name "Israeli. He wants to be "given" the land so the new monument to the gods can be built. Is this the one spoken of in the Bible at the "end-times" ?

All of this movement is based on the word of one man. It isn't like these Elohim are speaking to other people. He decides what the message will be and his followers have to accept what he's saying as the word of Elohim.

What "if" all of this IS true. What if the Elohim do exist? What if they do come to Earth? What then? Do we bow to them? Do we worship at their feet? The Raelian movement is suggesting that a new spiritual beginning will take place. People will come to the Embassy on pilgrimages' and pray at the holy place.

WHAT?!? If this isn't a religion, why on Earth would we want to do that? Aren't these the same Elohim who are afraid that they made us too smart and that we'll go to their home world and kill them? Aren't these the same folks who are afraid of our advancements and that we may overtake them? Tell me, doesn't it make sense that if you were these folks that you'd want to make sure you subjugated your creation so that they worshipped you and kept you in the seat of power?

The Book of Revelation

Let's look to the messages of the Book of Revelation. It is WARNING US that we must NOT allow for this to happen. We must not allow for the mark of the beast to be bestowed upon us. We must not worship 'false gods'. It isn't our destiny. The Elohim, through Rael have already expressed their fear of US! So why would we want to let them lead us if they are indeed real? They are no better than us. They just have a greater technology. A technology that they are afraid we'll understand too easily and surpass them. Doesn't this all sound a bit fishy to you?

There are even "mistakes" in the book written by Rael. On page 293, he speaks of the Bible verses associated with the Book of Revelation. Here he "translates" the meaning behind this line of scripture:

"I was in the Spirit, on the Lord's Day and I heard behind me a great voice, as of a Trumpet" Revelation 1:10.

This is explained by the Elohim through Rael as follows: "Here he explains that he is trying to communicate with us telepathically, this is what he calls being "in the Spirit" on the Sunday, referred to as the Lord's day..."

Okay, who here remembers their religion classes? The "Lord's day" was Saturday - the Sabbath. NOT Sunday. It wasn't made into a Sunday officially until 321 CE! The Book of Revelation is thought to have been written around 68 or 69 CE.

During the period 30 CE to 313 CE, Christians lived in a predominately Pagan world. There was a mosaic of Pagan religions in the Roman Empire. The long established, official religion of the Roman Empire was Pagan. It involved worship of -- or at least nominal sacrifices to -- a pantheon of Roman deities, both Gods and Goddesses. A strong competitor to Christianity in those days was a third religion: Mithraism. This faith involved the worship of a Persian God Mithra, and was popular among the Roman civil service and military. There were many other smaller religions, including the Pagan religions of Greece and Egypt, and the mystery religions. The Roman religion and Mithraism reserved Sunday as their day of religious observance. Many Christians were probably tempted to follow suit. The Christians were also motivated to change the Sabbath day as a method of distancing themselves from the Jews. Two reasons were: The Government intermittently persecuted the Jews at this time; it was safer for Christianity to be considered as a separate religion rather than as a sect of Judaism. Relations between the Jews and Christians was hostile at this time. The early Christian church had suffered much persecution from the Jews. In 321 CE, while a Pagan sun-worshiper, the Emperor Constantine declared that Sunday was to be a day of rest throughout the Roman Empire.

How could the Elohim make such a mistake or did Rael forget to consider this piece?


Like anything, it is important for the reader to establish a basis for their understanding. This means doing some research. Taking my word or anyone else's simply isn't prudent. We all have different opinions on the subject of religion and history. Some will read what has been written above and immediately agree. Others will read it and find comfort in the Raelian Movement. As always, it is a personal journey and while our paths may cross along the way, Enlightenment is something we must come upon on our own. The "Raelian Message" isn't in itself something I am against or disagree with. I believe that Science "is" the answer to the many unanswered questions. I believe that the premise of what Rael is stating is plausible. Seeding other worlds has always been something that science has spoken of. The question remains whether this is broken apart from religion or if the Raelian movement simply becomes a religion in itself. Any philosophy or theory that asks me to worship another being is suspect in my mind and should be cautiously observed.

Submitted as "Food For Thought".

Reproduction permitted with credit: Copyright 2007 PUFOIN

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