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Index_05EDITOR'S NOTE: According to a well-placed observer, Come Carpentier de Gourdon's presentation (below) at the Rhodos World Public Forum was well received, including some present and former officials from various governments asking for more information on Exopolitics and the Extraterrestrial issue. No one raised any doubts about the information.  We are also informed that The Russian Government is closely associated with the convening and organisation of the event through the Glory of Russia Foundation. The Conference co-Chairman is Vladimir Yakunin who is seen as one of President Putin's "heirs apparent".  Mr. Putin has announced he will retire in 2008.

(By Come Carpentier de Gourdon)

EXOPOLITICS, insofar as it concerns the issue of mankind’s contacts with intelligent non-human lifeforms originating outside our planet, has an already long history. Since Antiquity, human beings have pondered this existential question: “are we alone in the universe?” and have sought to answer it according to their experience, intuition or imagination, with fear, hope, humor or incredulity.

The Russian nation has played a distinguished role in the area of exopolitics since the early part of the twentieth century, not only through the visionary work of its science-fiction writers since some of its pioneering research scientists, aeronautical  engineers and the very fathers of its space exploration program showed great concern about and remarkable intellectual openness to the prospect of coming into contact with other advanced civilizations in or from other planets or in outer space. It behooves the Government of the Russian Federation to take a leading role in the process to help disclose the information that is so far known only to a small circle of military and civilian officials and technicians and independent investigators. A well known expert is Yurko Bondarchuk, the author of the book “UFO sightings, Landings and Abductions – The Documentary Evidence” (1979). Another respected investigator is Yuri Stroganov who has worked for many years in connection with the Russian UFO Research Centre and has analysed and reported on a large number of UFO observation and landing cases.

As eminent an officer as Soviet Air Force Colonel General I. Maltsev has given very precise and enlightening accounts on the flying performances and capabilities of “alien” space and aircraft, pointedly noting that no man-made airborne vehicles were, to his knowledge, able to display such an advanced technology. Soviet Academician V. Troitsky  also consistently supported UFO studies and favoured the public dissemination of the information  gained in official specialized circles, as for example when he helped declassify in the nineties the well known “Dudinsh” military film made at an Air base in Riga in 1961 during the test flights of a  new Soviet warplane.

Some valuable information on the state of the research in Russia is to be found in Paul Stonehill’s “The Soviet UFO Files” (1998) and in “UFO-USSR” (2005) by Mantle and Stonehill. A substantial amount of documentation has also become available to support long-standing allegations that some “alien craft” recovered on Soviet territory were stored on the Zhivkur air and space base.

The Soviet Research Program into UFOS carried out under Government control from 1978 to 1990 submitted reports which evinced the open-mindedness of its scientific and military elites with regard to that reality even if a lot of evidence seems to have been classified for national security reasons.

However this presentation is mainly based on a string of revelations gradually made in the last decades in the USA and in Europe, following the extensive but mostly secret research and observation programs conducted by the American government and by some Western European and Latin American states. As a result I have relied mostly on the confirmed information coming from the West.

In 1998 and 1999 two seminars were held “by invitation only” in the USA for experts to discuss confidentially and freely the possible consequences of confirmed and proved contacts between human beings and Extraterrestrial intelligent creatures. The 26 participants included one 3-star general from the US army, several university professors and high-level business executives as well as some professional and eminent futurogists. The American expert Michael Lindemann  is to provide a report on those meetings at a  conference to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in November 2006 under the auspices of the Majestic Documents study group (www.majesticdocuments.com)  headed by Ryan Wood.

On May 9th, 2006, a Press conference was held in Toronto Canada, by Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project (USA) (www.disclosureproject.org)
and the Hon. Paul Hellyer, former Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada (www.exopolitics.com):

“(its) goal…[was] to present witness testimony by Brigadier Generals, Naval Photo experts, military officers, ICBM launch commanders, an FAA Crash Site Sr. Inspector, NORAD Air Traffic Controllers and pilots that confirms authentic, first hand encounters with intelligently controlled unidentified aerial craft of non-Earth origin”.

“Each witness has stated that they are willing to testify, under oath, before Congress or Parliament as to the truth of their testimony”

[The] Press was also able to view copies of original government documents and National Security memoranda that confirm a coordinated involvement with and a high level of interest in global UFO activity by military and national security agencies.

Abundant evidence and witness testimony also exists that establishes the existence of related covert projects that have developed advance energy and propulsion technologies that could free mankind from its dependency on oil, gas, coal and nuclear power.

Paul Hellyer (who was also the Minister of Defence in the cabinet of PM Lester Pearson) in some of his public interventions on the subject has been quite outspoken about his concern regarding the ongoing weaponisation of  space led by the US Pentagon. He has described the future as “a choice between Star Dreams and Star Wars” and has accused the American Space Command of actively preparing to attack the alien visitors with satellite-borne electromagnetic particle beam and laser weapons. There are various independent confirmations for the existence of one or more secret US military space stations and space planes already deployed in orbit in the pursuit of “full spectrum” dominance of the planetary stratosphere and surface.

Like other far-sighted and informed leaders, Paul Hellyer has emphasized the urgent need to seek instead cooperative relations with Extraterrestrials. He writes: “…Canada should accept the long-standing invitation of (US) Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio to launch a conference to seek approval of an international treaty to ban weapons in space. That would be a positive Canadian contribution…” (Paul Hellyer, in Globe and Mail, May 15h 2003, www.commondreams.org/views03/0515-10.htm).

Indeed the US Government at least is moving in the opposite direction, according to a revealing article written by Giuseppe Ansera fore the PINR Network (Power and Interest News Network, www.pinr.com) In May 2005, the US Air Force formally asked President George W. Bush to issue a presidential directive allowing the deployment of defensive and offensive weapons into orbit. That directive is to replace decree PDD-NSC-49 issued by the Clinton Administration which effectively put a moratorium on the militarisation of space. In April 2005 the USA launched the XSS-11 orbital micro-satellite, specifically designed to disturb and destroy the military and civilian satellites belonging to other states. Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002 confirms its intention to weaponise space, thus launching a new arms race with even higher stakes than the previous ones.

The Pentagon is  actively studying many other options, such as deploying “mirror” satellites redirecting laser beams shot from the earth’s surface against any orbital object or planetary target or satellites to send super-powerful (high frequency and amplitude) radio waves to be used as weapons. Another kind of weapon is called “rods from God” and consists of orbiting platforms capable of launching satellite-guided tungsten-rods onto hostile targets at a speed of 11,000 kms per hours, enabling to penetrate hardened missile silos or deep-buried underground installations. The US envisages deploying the “rods from God” system by 2016. They can also be used against orbiting objects and some foreign experts believe that the US Command intends to use them against alien visiting spacecraft.

The book MAJIC EYES ONLY (2005) , by Ryan S. Wood  is one of many that make “a solid case for the existence of deeply classified government research on many of the retrieved vehicles as well as of recovered extraterrestrial biological entities” in the words of Paul M. Rybski, PH.D., Chair Dept. of Physics and Director, Whitewater Observatory, University of WI, Whitewater, USA.

Wood presents 74 UFO crashes from 1897 to the present, supported by compelling evidence in the form of official documents, eyewitnesses and in some cases physical evidence.

The modern UFO era however begins, if only for the sake of convenience, with World War II. Many sightings reported by German and Allied pilots and military personnel: “KRAUT FIREBALLS”, “FOO FIGHTERS”

In 1941, President F.D. Roosevelt set up IPU: Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU), possibly following UFO crash reported at Cape Girardeau (Missouri) that year.

On February 25th , 1942  there was the famous case of the UFO  that cruised for hours over Los Angeles and was the target of a futile barrage of US anti-aircraft artillery. The report on that widely reported incident which was witnessed by a large part of the city’s population was sent by General George Marshall to President F.D. Roosevelt. Photographs appeared on the front-page of the local newspapers in the following days.

At the end of World War II, Operation PAPERCLIP was launched by the US Government to bring German scientists to the USA in the interest of National Security. Some of them, Wernher von Braun – the “father’ of the US space exploration program -, Siegfried Knemeyer, the former head of the RLM (Ministry of Aeronautics), Hans Amtmann, Alexander Lippisch, Robert Sarbacher and others seem to have been in possession of critical knowledge in the field of aeronautics, space flight and UFO technologies. They came to America in 1946. Some of them worked at Air Materiel Command  (AMC) at Wright Field (later Wright-Patterson) in Ohio.

Other prominent scientific names associated with UFO research, with a significant degree of credibility are Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, Hermann Oberth and John von Neumann. In the USSR the eminent rocket scientists Felix Zigel was reportedly involved in this high level scientific quest.

On July 4th 1947,  the famous Roswell incident took place: one or more UFOs reportedly crashed around the Los Alamos-White Sands-Alamo Gordo nuclear research and military testing ground in New Mexico.

“The evidence points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material  was recovered from the crashsite”.

NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, statement to the Press in 1999. Mitchell, a member of the Disclosure Project has acknowledged publicly that he knows of a “UFO-coverup” engineered and kept by what he calls a “cabal of insiders” within the US Government. An indirect confirmation has been given by New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson who recently officially asked the Federal Government to release the true facts pertaining to the Roswell 1947 episode, so far without success.

Several military authorities involved with the event and with the Government-ordered
cover-up have since confirmed that the Roswell incident involved a real UFO crash. The incident led to the creation, on the recommendation of investigating officer, General Nathan Twining, of the high-power Special Studies Group (SSG) also known as MAJESTIC or MJ-12, headed by Dr. Vannevar Bush, Scientific Adviser to the US President, according to records provided in many research books (www.majesticdocuments.com).

Two additional levels of security classification (secrecy) were added: MAJIC and UMBRA, above Top Secret, specifically to protect the information gained about Alien visits and technology. In his books on the topic written mostly in the sixties, Major Donald Keyhoe documented the struggle within the US Air Force between those who favoured open sharing of information on UFOs and the “silence group” which claimed that the public was not prepared to accept this revelation and wanted to keep all unexplained reports secret while dismissing all those that could be and broadly denying the existence of a UFO phenomenon.

On or around July 4th 1947 at least one “alien” craft crashed at San Agustin (NM) and a number of artifacts were recovered on the site. They are shown on a video filmed by well known investigator Art Campbell.

The special, “layered Bismuth/Magnesium” alloy fragments found on the sites have been analysed in qualified laboratories and reveal special properties, including continuous release of energy when submerged in water. The research is extensively documented and visual evidence as well as results of the tests are available to the public.

In September 1947, within eight weeks after the Roswell incident, the CIA was created as well as the NSA (National Security Agency) and the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office) both super-secret, by President Truman. It is not implied that those agencies were set up solely or mainly in response to the emergency triggered by the Roswell events but it appears in the light of documentary records that the perception of a “threat from outer space” played a role in the decision to charter and fund those organizations. It is significant that various former agents of the CIA and the NSA have gone public in recent years about the UFO-related programs that they claim they were associated with  (e.g. Don Sherman, author of the book “Above Black” (www.aboveblack.com).

In fact, CIA’s predecessor CIG (Central Intelligence Group) had already investigated various UFO cases, including “ghost rockets” in Sweden in 1946  as attested by the now declassified CIG Intel Report dated, April 9, 1947.

Also in 1947, the Advanced Study Group (ASG) within Air Materiel Command, was set up under the direction of Dr. Don Zimmerman, apparently to analyse “alien” technology and its possible uses for the US military forces.

On 5th April 1948, a Top Secret Estimate prepared by the US Air Force Air technical Intelligence Centre from Project SIGN (first called Project SAUCER) concluded that UFOs were interplanetary aircraft. However, Chief of Armed Forces Staff General Hoyt Vandenberg (who is listed as a member of the super-secret MAJESTIC 12  Committee) rejected that conclusion, without giving any reason and disbanded the SIGN Project Group. Later, Project Grudge was formed, seemingly with the secret agenda to publicly affirm the unreality of the UFO phenomenon.

On May 22nd, 1949  US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal (also one of the first 12 members of MAJESTIC) committed suicide under strange and suspicious circumstances while being kept at Bethesda Naval Hospital under 24-hr Marine guard for treatment of an alleged depression. The rumor since is that he wanted to break the silence on UFOs and make a public statement or that he was not trusted to keep the secret.

There are various significant statements made by American Presidents and high-level officials on the subject of UFOs. Most of them deny the reality of the phenomenon but a few were far more candid, such as the following:

“I  can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on this earth”

President Harry Truman, White House Press Conference, April 4 1950

“Behind the scene high-level military officers are soberly concerned about UFOs”, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, first Director of Central Intelligence in the New York Times. February 28th, 1960). We may also quote here the statement by the Secretary General of the UN, U Thant about the extraordinary importance of the UFO issue for mankind at the end of that decade.

A declassified document from British Intelligence dated May 6, 1950 but only recently released to the public under the UK’s equivalent to the US freedom of information Act (FOIA), refers to the First Annual report of MJ-12 to report that “the samples extracted from bodies found in New Mexico have yielded new strains of a retro-virus not yet totally understood but give promise of the ultimate bio-weapon”.

It is not known if this statement bears any connection to the much later discovery of the HIV and other lethal “new” viruses. A ground-breaking book on this subject authored by Dr. Bob Wood and Nick Redfern is entitled “In search of the Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ12 and Bio-warfare” (2006).

In December 6th, 1950 the US armed forces geared up to a state of emergency following multiple UFO sightings in various parts of the country and a massive crash, recorded by a Majestic-12 Briefing Document to President Eisenhower, on the Texas border with Mexico at El Indio Guerrero. USAF Colonel Willingham reportedly visited the crash site and retrieved debris.

The feeling among military command on that occasion seems to have been that the country was under attack from outer space and that fear was to return in the following years. General Douglas McArthur publicly vented that apprehension in his well known statement about a future war with invaders from other worlds. In fact one is led to the conclusion that the military leadership of the USA has often confronted the space visitors with its most modern weapons in the last five decades and that, even if communication and even some limited exchange program may have taken place (see the Exopolitics.org website for a review of the available records supporting that possibility), it has not been as frequent as perilous head-to-head encounters in which it is confirmed that a number of planes, helicopters and pilots were lost by the Air Force and the Navy during interception, dog fight and hot pursuit attempts.

A large number of UFO photographs taken from NASA-operated rockets, shuttles and space stations by astronauts in orbit and on the moon has now been made available on the Internet and the widely reported case of the British hacker Gary McKinnon earlier this year has brought one unexpected confirmation of the existence of “edited” or “airbrushed” photos for which the unretouched originals are kept in secret NASA, NORAD and USAF archives (The Guardian, July 9th, 2005 et al.).

In 1952, reacting to “a new rash of sightings” all over the USA and elsewhere in the world the CIA formed the Special Study Group (SSG) within the Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) ( according to a Memo from Ralph L. Clark, Acting Assistant Director OSI to DDI Robert Amory Jr.)

On September 25th of  that year a Joint Logistic Plan was prepared by MAJESTIC-12. It included a psychological warfare plan, an unconventional warfare plan, a cover and deception plan and others.In April 1954, the document SOM1-01 (Top Secret Majic Eyes Only Special Operations Manual for recovery operations) of “foreign craft and technology” was brought out. These documents are now available on the Internet (cf. www.majesticdocuments.org et alia).

It is interesting that when some information does leak out, it is countered by the deliberate dissemination of disinformation to mask the facts and discredit the disclosures by spreading wholly or partly false – and often patently absurd - allegations. However it seems that genuine information is being gradually released in a controlled manner in order to prepare the public or at least those who are ready to accept the truth.

Some of the many covert government projects dedicated to the UFO subject in North America were ANGEL DUST, TWINKLE, POUNCE, GRUDGE, MOONDUST, MAGNET (in Canada, from 1950 to 1954, which led to the creation of a “flying saucer” detection station at Shirley Bay near Ottawa, funded by the Canadian Federal Government from 1952 to 1954), BLUE FLY and others for monitoring, reporting on and capturing or retrieving alien objects, controlled by the CIA, NSA, Navy, Air Force etc…(more than 1000 pages of official documents have been  released under FOIA regarding MOONDUST and BLUE FLY).

In 1953, the CIA-sponsored Robertson Panel set policies for US Government agencies regarding UFOs. Its conclusion was “No evidence that UFOs pose a specific security threat to the USA but reporting of UFOs might trigger mass hysteria”.

The panel recommended using the media to discredit (debunk) UFO sightings. This is the policy being broadly followed the world over until today.

In August 1954, the magazine AVIATION WEEK AND SPACE TECHNOLOGY reported that  astronomer Dr. Lincoln La Paz was tracking two artificial satellites orbiting the Earth and 400 and 600 miles above the surface.

In 1954, CFB Suffield in Alberta was designated by the Canadian Government as a protected area for  UFOs to land (according to an investigative report by the Ottawa Journal of July 1967). The idea behind the secret project was that if any alien craft  tried to make contact with mankind, it could land at the DRB station without being shot down by defence interceptors. Revealingly, it was Canada’s main testing ground for chemical and biological weapons.

In 1955, Project Silver Bug was developed at Wright Patterson AFB. It set out to build a “saucer powered by gas-turbine engines”. It was only one of the earliest of of many endeavours to replicate UFO technologies, many contracted out to leading military-industrial companies (such as Lockheed (now Lockeed Martin), Northrop, McDonnell Douglas, General Dynamics, GE, Westinghouse, Boeing etc…). A seminal contribution was made by the American engineer T. T. Brown who in the early 1950s was able to build a prototype Flying Saucer for the US Air Force and who founded NICAP (National Investigative Committee for Aerial Phenomena) in 1956, one of the major organizations dedicated to UFO research. His lifework is documented in the biography written by P. Schatzkin “Defying Gravity: The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown” (2006).

Other “back-engineering projects” according to NSC’s (National Security Council and at one time the special assistant to General Trudeau, head of the Pentagon’s Foreign Technology Desk) Colonel Philip Corso and others included special materials (ceramics, alloys, bio-textiles), lasers, fiber-optics, solid state electronics, compact discs, supercomputers, biotronic and bio-computer devices, magneto-aero and hydro-dynamics, magneto-gravitation, particle beam weapons, Electromagnetic Pulse engines, stealth technology, night-vision technology, cold fusion, neutronic reactors etc…
The XXth century Scientific Revolution has been largely seeded, it appears, by outer space “visitors”. The “reverse engineering” was conducted in part under the supervision of the US Armed forces, Intelligence Agencies and later through DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Agency) and other Defense-related organizations and civilian “fronts” such as the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), headed by Richard Dolan, which often sub-contracted or “farmed out” specific segments of the research to private companies on the familiar “need-to-know” basis.

In November  1963, President JF Kennedy dictated a Memo addressed to the CIA, directing it to cooperate with the USSR to “explain in a credible way the impact of knowns and unknowns” in air and space exploration. He wanted cooperation between NASA and the Soviet Science Academy, a prospect to which many of the “conservative”military and industrial leaders of the USA were bitterly opposed since they regarded UFO-related “black” research projects as essential in the arms race in order to gain superiority in the cold war. Whether JFK’s policies on the matter were a factor behind the apparently very high level decision to assassinate him remains an open question.

There is now a large number of declassified or leaked but verified official reports from various Air Forces, Navies, armies and international military structures such NATO, NORAD et al. about encounters, incidents, chases, dogfights and confrontations with “alien” spacecraft exhibiting properties far superior to any available in the conventional arsenals of earthly powers. For example, there are detailed records about the “Maelstrom missile shutdown” (one among several cases) when in 1967, visiting UFOs deactivated a number of Montana-based ICBM missiles in their underground silos. A surprisingly high number of military officers of several countries, including 3-star generals, air marshals and admirals, not to mention astronauts in the  Apollo program (Russell Schweikart, Brian O’Leary, Buzz Aldrin, Scott Carpenter  among others) have admitted publicly to having seen or been shown evidence of UFOs that, in their best judgment, could not have been of human, terrestrial origin. CNN recorded that President Clinton’s former chief of staff John Podesta asked the Pentagon at a news conference in October of 2002 to lift the UFO cover up (http://archives.cnn.com/2002/TECH/space/10/22/ufo.records/index.html).

The late eminent Harvard professor of psychiatry  and Pulitzer prize winner Dr.John E. Mack also became known for his extensive and far-reaching investigations into various aspects of the UFO—EBE (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities) reality and its implications.

Any attempt to explain UFOs as being man-made, earth-built craft requires us to assume that there are human groups so technologically advanced and powerful that the underlying theory is far more difficult to believe than the simple admission that we are being visited by creatures from other worlds or “dimensions” within an open inter-connected universe where life thrives. So far, most of us (especially our political, religious and scientific leaders) have been in the situation of aborigines isolated in a small island in the Pacific, unable to accept that there may be other lands beyond the horizon inhabited by other races of men, much more powerful than they are.

We can only mention in passing here that three types of well known, abundantly documented and scientifically investigated, significant, long-standing phenomena are  directly or indirectly related to UFOS:

-Cattle mutilations

-Crop Circles

-Subcutaneous Implants, “tagging” and abductions of human beings.

International official policy on the UFO/EBE (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity) issue appears to have been closely coordinated between the leading military powers, through NATO (reportedly within P.I.40, 54/12) and bilateral contacts between the USA and the USSR to prevent uncontrolled disclosures and leaks. As noted earlier occasional leaks have however been permitted (perhaps because they were not always avoidable) and even encouraged, with “plausible deniability” built in.

Science fiction, served by the Hollywood film industry has provided a bridge to the general public, to spread awareness, test reactions and manipulate information by passing some factual data as fantasy to entertain the masses.

Some States have nonetheless retained a degree of autonomy and transparency about UFOS and have conducted their own investigations for decades, showing how seriously they take this subject. The Brazilian armed forces for instance have shown, at least at  time, a welcome open minded, objective approach, openly accepting the “possibility” that the Earth is being visited by extra-terrestrial travelers who seem to be, at least in certain cases, far more intellectually and technologically advanced than we are. The People’s Republic of China seems to have followed a rather open and  objective investigative policy too in recent years but the British Defence forces have also in certain instances (as in the famous landings at Randlesham) baldly acknowledged that they were confronted with an Extra-terrestrial reality.

Canadian Lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre has launched the Exopolitics Initiative from Vancouver, in consultation with various agencies of the Canadian Government, through the Institute for  Cooperation in Space  (ICIS, www.peaceinspace.com) and on the basis of UN General Assembly Decision 33/426, 1978 which says: “The GA invites interested Member States to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects and to inform the Secretary-General…”

Webre believes that mankind’s preparation for open contacts with Extraterrestrials must rest on four pillars: disclosure of the ET presence, a ten year period of public education, the adoption of a permanent ban on space weapons and the initiation of citizen diplomacy  with alien civilizations. He promotes a global signature campaign in support of a petition to the UNO to ban weapons and warfare in space and for an international space preservation treaty to be drafted at a global conference. It is noteworthy that the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China are amongst the nations that support such a treaty meant to stop the accelerating arms race in space.

A.L. Webre was asked by US President Jimmy Carter in 1978 to start a project to establish communication with the Alien visitors from the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). The President was overruled by the Pentagon which forced cancellation of the Project and compelled Carter to renege on his pledge to make UFO official evidence and research available to the public.

The Exopolitics Project is based on data derived from the scientific remote viewing research carried out by Dr. Harold Puthoff and Dr. Russell Targ, at SRI. Their work uses the existence of an alleged super-neural connection of human beings to the alien visitors that has been an object of investigation for decades.

It also takes into account the research undertaken under the “Star Kids” project conducted by Dr. Richard Boylan and other behaviourial and social scientists.

The information supplied through this source is that there is what may be described as “a loosely organized spiritual government of our Milky Way galaxy”. Some of those higher lifeforms seem to have played a role, possibly a determinant role in our own biological and psychic evolution as human beings in the remote past according to various, independent but converging reports.

Earth is under observation, some say under some sort of quarantine, while mankind operates its transition towards full contact with and admission into the interplanetary Cosmic Community. Contacts with mankind are so far relatively infrequent and surreptitious. They are made difficult by the obvious and immense superiority of the “visitors” with regard to humans which limits our ability to understand their motivations and their methods. The fact, for example, that they manipulate the space-time continuum through their propulsion technology results in their ability to switch dimensions, seemingly cross over into parallel universes and thus escape to a large degree the effects of some fundamental laws of nature as they apply to us. Hence the conventional, materialistic perspective inherited mostly from nineteenth century science does not make it easy to admit the evidence of the EBE’s presence.

However there is a growing risk of human and planetary self-destruction by war or ecological exhaustion.

The choice is now between collective suicide and a leap to the next stage of mental and biological evolution.

The Exopolitics Initiative advocates a decade of contact through public diplomacy with the Extra-terrestrial intelligent beings who are active  on and around the earth since several decades at least and who seem to harbour no hostile or predatory designs. On the contrary some of them at least exhibit real concern for our survival as a species and for the ecological health of the planet. Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens (USAF, Rtd.) is one expert who has analysed data collected over sixty years leading him to the conclusion that the Extraterrestrials who visit us have peaceful intentions.

The Dialogue between Civilisations will have to include, sooner or later, those beings and cultures that are not human, in the “homo sapiens” category but which clearly have a  presence on our planet and a stake in the future of terrestrial and human life. This issue must be brought into the mainstream. It can no longer remain confined to fringe groups of “spiritualists”, “New Agers” or dedicated “UFOlogists”. Neither can it be left to the care of secretive and shadowy military organizations that are primarily devoted to expanding the power of the states they serve and thereby their own influence and resources. In his farewell message to the nation, President Eisenhower warned of the danger posed by the uncontrolled ambition and greed of the US (and transnational)  “military industrial complex”.

Original article: http://comecarpentier.com/world_public_forum.htm

This paper was originally presented by Come Carpentier at the WORLD PUBLIC FORM DIALOGUE OF CIVILISATIONS, held in Rhodos, Greece in September 2006.


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