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Adrian Kealy

The biggest problem facing us now is the global warming/pole shift, caused by a rogue planet on its 6th orbit in our solar system! We all know ET is here (i've seen them myself) but we still have to face up to this natural threat to us all. We need new technology (free power etc..) to help any survivors carry on through the transformation stage, as not.. everybody seems to be ready for it yet, apparently. We live in a global dictatorship fronted by democracy & run by American bullies in suits and uniforms. ETs shouldn't bother with them at all, just with anyone who's vagely awake! & who's willing to change for the better. I praise what the Canadians are doing, very sensible. But!! what on earth is our British lot & the USA playing at?! Forget about them ET, there are those of us willing to listen..!


very interesting.
i'm adding in RSS Reader


Hi ! Great page. Greetings from Poland.


You are the greatest!


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