Great to see this new disclosure prospect. Best of luck. Thank you.

luiz carlos ribeiro dos santos

eu sou um pesquizador de seres estraterrestres aqui na terra, moro no brasil, e ja tive até contatos com estreterrestres no qual eles foram muito educados comigo e respeitaram meu direito de decisaõ,pois eles me convidaram a viajar com eles;isso se eu aceitasse a viajar com eles,tamdem perguntei a eles quanto tempo eu ficaria fora da terra;isto é fora do planeta terra.conversemos muitas coisas que no meu livro que pretendo publicar;falarei sobre todas as coisas.

Jeffrey Morgan Foss

Dear friends,

Visitors from the stars (many species) are on extreme security alert since a significant portion of mankind is still considered a threat to all environments and life. This is why visitors leave no physical evidence and poor photographs at best as a rule.

My dad was on the Philadelphia Experiment. It was not about invisibility. It was about folding space.
Invisibility is more easily achieved by changing the frequency of photons, but it does not cause
molecular reconfiguration.

So the US has ultra secret space folding and the bomb. If I were a stellar neighbor (or a council
and coalition of peaceful worlds), I would be concerned as well. Here is the ET motive for having bases throughout our solar system.

I've been in contact for 48 yrs. The US is suppressing peaceful contact and US research is all about
information extraction and containment. But visitors are helping with problems such as health, biological improvements, extended life, increased forest growth and heightened awareness to name a few and they most decidedly encourage the developments of fuel-less technology, medical cures, advanced individualized education, affordable environment and energy savvy homes and quality helps for the needy and poor including all useful, lasting and peaceful technologies. This can be summed up as: Technological Conversion.

Global Conservation Exchange is the key to getting there. If global military forces and civilians work
together in a Forest Recovery/Enhancement and Crops to End World Hunger Pact, lasting global
peace will come almost overnight though common mission. Trillions in monetary units otherwise earmarked for weapons and weapons platforms can now be sent to Technological Conversion.

I hope that you will support the experiencer and help institute these measures for peaceful contact
and the end of US and global isolationism from the stars.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Morgan Foss
Berkshires USA

gene wills

Great to see this new disclosure prospect. Best of luck. Thank you.
Genea Gjaguar
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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