I wonder if anyone could help me with something.


Come check this out.

Ozark Bob

I wonder if anyone could help me with something. This is a post of an email that I sent a friend, and was wondering if anyone at this forum could help me out with what i saw?

"Ok, I've researched the appearing-disappearing light I saw 9-15-05 between 9:30 to 10:15 pm. (Im in Northern Arkansas)

The first appearance was a bright yellow blip lasting around a second or two. Then I saw a much smaller white blip 5 or 6 times in the same spot in irregular intervals over the next 45 minutes. The sight must have been very bright as the sky was bathed with a bright haze from the moon which was 10 oclock to the east.

The sighting was in the head of a constellation know as aquita "the eagle" right around and just to the north of a star known as Altair. This constellation is overhead, centers just to the east of the milky way, and spans to the east and west of the milky way. Part of the Aquita constellation also lies within the Capricorn constellation.

What I saw was abnormal, was very unusual, and was not a plane, train, or automobile. I am one of the few Christians who believe that, taken in the right ways, sometimes these type of things can be biblical signs. I know you believe this too. Do you have any information that you can point me to?

I'm not going off the deep end, but I am always the curious one. Besides, while your star gazing, you may want to keep your eyes on this part of the sky. Also, I'm not the only one who saw something that night, Marshall also said that he saw a yellow "blink" in the sky, but, unlike me, though he thought that what he saw was unusual, he did not stay around and watch that area of the sky like I did."

Its just a shot in the dark, but could anyone here tell me if I saw a Gamma-ray bust coming from this region, was an event reported? Thanks alot BTW, please respond to me personally as I may not visit here again, thanks, [email protected]

Caryn Gielow

This is repeated twice within the ninth and tenth paragraphs of Bill Hamilton's essay on Mayan symbology and it's inherent archaeoastronomy and what it may be predicting in regards to our sun:
"This is such an immense subject that my research on it continues in spurts. To summarize the predictions it can be said that a recurring event may cause the change in our sun. That event, known as the grand crossing, is synchronized to the precession of the equinoxes."

Interesting topic, of which I am reading John Major Jenkin's work on the Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 end-date. Thanks for another insight into the hieroglyphs left behind for us. I am an editor, so pardon the editorial commentary/error checking. . . it comes naturally :)

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