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Exopolitical review of Peter Jennings' Primetime TV show "Seeing is Believing"

by PJ, Exopolitics Advisor and Researcher

There are many ways to look at the same situation in life and no two people will share the same perspective.  This is also true for the February 24, 2005 ABC Peter Jennings’ UFO special Primetime show.  This show seemed to have been designed for the mainstream, for people who had not spent much time, if any, researching the UFO and ET contact issues.  It was designed for those who don't normally watch the documentaries that most people reading this article have seen.

Before getting into my exopolitical review of Jennings’ production, it’s important that I make a point about human perception.  I will use a model founded on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  It defines that the way human beings perceive any reality or events is based on the context that is built around the event in question.  In other words, the meaning that we give to something (UFOs or abductions) is determined by how it is framed, by the frame of reference.  To give an example, if a five star general says that UFOs are real, we tend to believe more than if a psychiatric patient tells us that he saw a UFO.  It is the same information, only the frame of reference is different.  NLP explains that by changing the frame of reference around an event, we change the meaning of the event. 

The science of marketing and advertising is known as positioning, which is really nothing but framing a product or a service.  We can also position an idea.  All great communicators have mastered the ability to position their arguments in people’s minds in a way that creates an orchestrated meaning.  Let us have a look at how Jennings positioned his awaited show “UFOs – Seeing is Believing”.   

What Peter Jennings did in his production is to apparently position his show in a way that de-framed the Roswell UFO crash question.  By doing this, it also indirectly helped to de-frame the issue that a ‘shadow government’ exists.  Without Roswell or other such crashes, there is little evidence or logic to validate the issue of a secret government.  He also created a weak frame of reference in regards to the ‘abduction’ phenomenon.  But Jennings did build a strong frame of reference for UFOs in general, de-framing and re-framing project blue book as a non-scientific research project who’s purpose was not to  properly evaluate the issue of whether UFOs are real or not.  He even framed Hynek as someone who ended up believing that UFOs were real and required further scientific investigation.  Towards the end of his program, Jennings included a short, but strong scientific argument in regards to a theory of the nature of reality that brought forward this important issue of the existence of other dimensions (Einstein’s wormhole).  This was done through the interview with Michio Kaku's, the founder of the String Theory.  It’s interesting to note that this opens the door for the theory brought forth by Alfred Webre’s new book “Exopolitics – Politics, Government and Law in the Universe”.

If Jennings would have wanted to create a strong case for Roswell, all he would have had to do is cite former astronauts who have spoken out about it, former intelligence, army and civilian witnesses, etc., many who have never profited from Roswell.   But this did not seem to be his intent.  Instead, he framed the people involved with the promotion of the Roswell UFO crash in a way that made them look like opportunists who were motivated by fame and money, all based on what he called the non verifiable story of Jessie Marcel.   

If he would have wanted to create a strong case for abductions, all Jennings would have had to do is present the interview of Harvard's late Dr. John Mack, interviews of David Jacobs, Dr. Janet Colli, Dr. Richard Boylan, and many other researchers from around the world.  Creating a strong frame of reference for abductions, which are sometimes difficult for people but are really “sacred encounters” when one researches a bit deeper, was not his intent.  The combined testimonies would have created a frame of reference that would have presented the data in a way that would have created a meaning of more credibility, and more believable than how he only used Budd Hopkins and framed him as “the artist from New York who believes in aliens and hypnotizes people”.  To move towards de-framing Hopkins, which means de-framing the alien abduction issue, all that was needed was to get someone on the air with a Ph.D from a well known and credible institute who explains that hypnosis wasn’t proven to retrieve memories and that these people’s memories were caused by sleep paralysis, etc. 

Why did Jennings focus on creating a strong frame of reference validating the UFO issue only, and not crashed disks, government conspiracies or abductions?  What does it mean?  Everyone will have a different theory.  Many will believe that it did not help the field and was an attempt to discredit their lifelong research.  Many believe that the full truth should be broadcasted at once on primetime television because the truth is important.  These are good points and there are many ways to see it. 

Here is an exopolitical/NLP perspective, based on a frame of reference of gradual disclosure to the masses.   When people think of alien abductions, most people think about scary looking beings or monsters who come into your bedroom at night, abduct you, your kids and your wife against their will to do painful medical experiment.  Can anyone think of a scenario that could create more fear with the general population?   

If one wanted to take a potential fearful event or situation (abductions are scary for the masses) and transform it into something that was no longer fearful, all one has to do is to discredit the references on which the fearful event is build upon.  In other words, the potential scary frame must be pre-framed by discrediting the references that make up the potential scary frame.  Once done, even if the scary frame is introduced, it will not be believed because it has already been framed in people’s minds as fiction (people are not getting abducted). 

If references of alien abductions would have been presented on ABC as being strong and believable, the fear will become more real for people.  If people then complain to the government to get them stopped, and the government can’t do anything about it, one can only imagine what would be the result.  Most people are not yet able to understand the spiritual implications of ‘abductions’ and don’t understand that these beings come from other vibrational dimensions.  To try to educate the masses who watch ABC about this issue would be like trying to explain to a European who lived 3000 years ago how to program a computer.  The knowledge gap is too vast at this point to bring in this complex information to the mainstream.

Some remote viewers have written about alien abductions and gathered data that shows that the abductions have a spiritual purpose, but this issue is so controversial and so difficult to understand from the ‘frame of reference’ of someone who has not had a spiritual awakening or done vast research that it could not be understood by those who watch mainstream media. 

Perhaps the only solution that ABC saw was to make the references of alien abductions weak so few would believe it and because of this, it wouldn’t create general fear in society and people would dismiss abductions easily.  They might have felt like they had to somehow frame abductions in a way that left most in the mainstream believe that there were other explanations. Like most, I was disappointed that Dr. John Mack was not featured, but after watching it, I know that his important work could have been damaged, just like they framed Budd Hopkins' work in a way that makes it easy to dismiss.  Perhaps not being part of this UFO special protected Dr. Mack's work for the future. 

The other issue that was re-framed was the issue of government ‘conspiracy’.  When people think of a ‘shadow government’, most people think about evil greedy people who run the world, with the intent of creating a new world order of complete control through fear and torture, etc.  Visuals of such a new world order create very fearful imagery since this “secret government “ is alleged by whistleblowers to have ‘disposed’ of people and acted against the U.S. constitution for decades.  Thus, many crimes would have been committed since the 1947 Roswell UFO crash to keep it all secret.   But if references are debunked about Roswell, it helps discredit the issue of a secret government which takes away the fear and paranoia of such an organization for the mainstream person.  If scientists and investors thought they could get killed for investigating the issue of UFOs, fear would prevent them from getting involved. 

This is how over promoting the conspiracy frame of reference could work against those who want to see the issue taken seriously by the mainstream.  If a strong case of conspiracy is put forth to the mainstream, fear will insure that most people will keep their distance and not want to get involved with such issues.  Under the conspiracy frame of reference, only a few courageous Souls will take part and want to be involved, despite the risks that they perceive, whether real or not real.  Paranoia will most likely be their way of life, unless they have a strong spiritual foundation.

If we look for silver linings, one way to look at the ABC Primetime special is that by not framing the UFO issue through a fearful conspiracy frame, Jennings opened the door for more scientists to study the question instead of being immobilized by fear.  To look at the issue through a gradual exopolitical disclosure perspective might make one feel more positive about what ABC’s UFO show accomplished. 

Exopolitical Disclosure suggests that disclosure should be done in a gradual, sequential and responsible way that considers humanity’s many worldviews such as religious, economic, scientific, psychological, etc.  This might be necessary when dealing with the masses to avoid shocking the collective consciousness with too much of an abrupt revelation that shocks current paradigms.   

Perhaps what ABC did was to create an opportunity to build from a fresh start instead of from the perspective of fear of an evil ‘shadow government’ that assassinates people such as John F. Kennedy, but from the perspective that we are not alone in our fantastic universe, that Unidentified Flying Objects are real and require more scientific research since we don’t officially know for sure what intelligence is behind them.    

To promote his February 24th show, Jennings appeared on the Jon Stewart comedy show "The Daily Show" on February 23rd.  It was an excellent interview that added much needed humor to this issue that can sometimes be so serious because of its profound implications.  Jennings then took the opportunity to reframe the ‘shadow government’ issue and joked about a letter that his son received from a blogger focused on conspiracies.  He read the letter on the air and it suggested that he made a deal with the "Shadow Government" by framing the JFK assassination in his earlier special as the work of a 'lone gunman' so then the ‘shadow government’ would allow him to be the one out of the three major networks to reveal what historians will see as the most important story in the history of mankind: we are not alone.  Here is the transcript below:
"You know my son... and he sent me this today because everybody has a different reason why they think we did this and he picked this up from one of our newly brilliant bloggers.  (Reading the letter) "A while back Jennings did a special on the JFK assassination.  He tried to convince us that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the face of an overwhelming number of skeptics, I might add.   What if a deal was cut with ABC and Peter Jennings that he did this JFK documentary for the "shadow government" (laughter in the crowd.  Jennings adds: "I love this serious thinkers").  This “shadow government” that still denies there was more than one gunman then they would let him be the first anchorman of the big three to start the disclosure process.  It would be very tempting for him to want to the focal point of the greatest revelation in the history of mankind."

The letter that his son allegedly received seems to have been used through a humorous frame of reference to perhaps send a message to those in the alleged ‘shadow government’ that as disclosure unfolds, those involved who have been breaking the constitution and the law will not be exposed.  Or who knows, perhaps it was Jennings’ way to reveal, indirectly, a deal that he made. 

Those who did not believe in UFOs before Jennings’ show might now be more open to consider the question from a more scientific perspective, though discounting Roswell.  What does this mean?  It means that there is an opportunity to move towards disclosure without cornering those who have allegedly been guilty of past crimes, and acted against the U.S. constitution.  If those who have been involved in the cover up feel that they would be prosecuted for their past crimes might continue to create new crimes to hide past crimes, with no end in sight. 

If the full truth all at once was the solution, spiritually evolved benevolent ETs and other ‘energies’ could have made it available to us a long time ago.  Or perhaps they already did indirectly reveal the truth to us through our religious scriptures and other more current sources such as formerly classified CIA / military remote viewing data and some channeled data, amongst other sources.  Perhaps information must be released in a way that allows members of our civilization to evolve spiritually, as we move away from conflicts and wars. 

Let’s remember that we are dealing with the most classified subject in the history of the USA.   The world is not yet a peaceful place and we must also not forget that we need to resolve our international conflicts as we move towards disclosure.  How can we get along with ‘off-planet beings’ when we can’t get along with each other?  Personal spiritual transformations must go hand in hand if disclosure is to be successful and avoid creating more problems on Earth.   

If we focus on the latest NASA and the European Space Agency discoveries, we notice that there has been a lot of information in the last year about planet Mars, synchronistically, just after President Bush announced his Mars Space Exploration Vision in January 2004.  Scientists now know that Mars used to have a salty ocean, that ice exists today on Mars, that there is methane and ammonia in the Martian atmosphere, which indicates that life might exist as you read this article.  Further information is detailed later in this article.

Disclosure for the masses and mainstream might end up taking place through discovering that there is still today life on planet Mars.  This seems like a logical sequential way to slowly awaken the collective consciousness that there is life out there, and has been for millions of years!  Disclosure can be an empowering and positive experience for the human race, instead of fueling every imaginable conspiracy theory and fear of aliens or secret government.  The truth is that we live in a fantastic Universe filled with life and most people seek to make their dreams come true and seek happiness regardless of their belief systems, whether they are part of a secret society or not. 

In Alfred Webre's book “Exopolitics”, he talks about the need for a 10 year period of public education about life in the Universe, through all institutions, mass media, science, etc.  A Decade of Contact is a gradual and sequential process, where information is revealed to the masses in a gradual and psychologically safe way.  For those who have a more advanced knowledge, he suggests that we put our attention on a Star Dreams Initiative which is a public interest diplomacy project proposal with Off-Planet Cultures.

Remote viewers who were involved with the military and the CIA have confirmed, scientifically, that there exist data suggesting life on Mars.  Some have done more advanced research and have acquired data suggesting that humanoid beings exist on planet Mars.  Remote viewing exercises by Prof. Courtney Brown, PhD of Emory University,  report the possible existence of a present Martian Off-Planet Culture, living under the surface of Mars, as well as on Earth in underground bases in the United States of America, and in intentional rural colonies in South America. This Martian culture reportedly may be survivors of a Martian-Solar System cataclysm in the distant past. 

Remote viewing data also suggest that Advanced Grey ETs have rescued Martians from their cataclysm perhaps millions of years ago (while dinosaurs were roaming the Earth) and have genetically re-engineered them and brought them forward in time to today.  One wonders if human beings have also been genetically re-engineered over the last thousands of years or longer, as there is evidence of this today with the so called ‘Star Children’ or “Indigo Children’ based on many researcher’s data. 

As far fetched as this data is and as far fetched as time travel also seems to be, let us not forget that the idea that UFOs can travel faster than the speed of Light is also farfetched.  Discovering that we live in a Universe made up of many dimensions is also farfetched.  The concept of remote viewing (formerly top secret CIA/ Military), which allows us to gather data in the past, present and future, from any location in the Universe, is also very farfetched, but scientifically proven to be accurate.  Being alive on this planet during the most unique time in all of human history could also be considered farfetched.  What are the odds that we would be living now, instead of having lived thousands of years ago?  What are the odds that one would be reading this article right now about the most farfetched issues of our time?   It almost feels like there’s a spiritual reason why some of us are here today and involved in this work.   

Dr. Courtney Brown's release of remote viewing data that Mars was once a planet that was hospitable to life and still hosts life today was first ridiculed by many when his book Cosmic Voyage was published in 1996. Though many people dismiss it as a coincidence, what has stunned some sceptics is that since the publication of his first book, the following is now becoming self-evident:

1. Scientists have discovered that Mars once had saltwater oceans http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3560867.stm

2. Scientists have discovered that microbial life once existed on Mars as evidenced by a Mars meteor http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/snc/nasa1.html  that has impacted Earth  (also:http://archives.cnn.com/2000/TECH/space/05/25/mars.meteorite/)

3. Scientists have discovered both methane http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3577551.stm and ammonia http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/3896335.stm in the current atmosphere on Mars. Sciences demonstrates that such gases can only result from current life or from recent volcanic activity. Currently, scientists have found no active volcanoes on Mars.

4. That Ice Packs on Mars Suggest Present Life Possible based on European scientists: http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/050222_mars_ice.html

5. In February 2005, NASA researchers claimed that they had evidence of present life on mars: www.space.com/scienceastronomy/mars_life_050216.html

6. 25 percent of 250 Mars science experts now believe there could be life on Mars today:  http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/mars_believe_050225.html

Ultimately, only time will tell if Dr. Courtney Brown and the several CIA/Military remote viewers are accurate that there is intelligent life on Mars today.  We will then need to understand what it means within the context of events that have unfolded in our Galaxy.  We will need to then be clear on what we need to do with this revelation, the greatest revelation in the history of humanity. 

One can read more about this issue in Part IV of Webre’s new book “Exopolitics – Politics, Government and Law in the Universe”.  I feel that it frames the discovery of life on Mars in a higher spiritual context and frames it in a way that allows us to better understand why we are now being engaged by off-planet cultures  (UFOs) seemingly from all over the universe based on testimony of contactees.  Higher intelligences seem to want us to know that there is a society out there and that we must reach a certain spiritual maturity in order to align with them.  Webre’s book focuses on global problems that we face and also shows us the direction that we can take to resolve these problems so we move towards reconnecting with Universe Society.
Looking at life on Mars from an exopolitical perspective will be important and potentially vital for decision makers once the announcement is made official that there is intelligent life on planet Mars. Ideally, disclosure that we are not alone should be used as leverage to create more spirituality and love in the world instead of fear, hate and anger against a secret government that has been lying for decades or hate or anger against aliens who seemingly abduct people against their will.  There is more to this story. 

Remote viewing data indirectly supported by many researchers such as Dr. Janet Colli, Dr. Richard Boylan, the late Dr. John Mack and others, further explain that what some call ‘abductions’ is part of an ancient galactic spiritual genetic plan for Earth to help us evolve spiritually, and to help greys also evolve spiritually towards better connecting to God/Source, or the Creator of the Universe, also defined as the vibration of Divine Love.  Quantum physicists explain that all is vibration in our Universe even that which feels solid is not solid but vibrating particles.  Our physical bodies are nothing but vibrating particles and we may feel solid, but we are pure vibration.  Spiritual experiences from the reports of doctors involved with worldwide Spiritual Emergence Networks are often described as sacred or Divine vibrations or Divine Energy.  If Grey ETs indeed genetically re-engineered Martians, it only makes sense that humans on Earth have also gone through the same process for eons, mostly when scientific data supports this possibility. 

Ultimately, if humans don’t move towards becoming more loving and more spiritual, we will self-destroy, with or without disclosure that we are not alone in the Universe, even if we are given access to clean technology.  Our materialistic worldview has moved us towards destroying forests which create the precious air that we breath and has moved us towards polluting this same air in ways that are unprecedented because of billions of us burning oil.  Most people use their creative abilities to create technologies and devices that destroy our world and ourselves, though they might make us feel good in the short term.  We find it acceptable to create weapons while we don’t find it acceptable to create new devices that could replace our addiction to burning oil.  With global warming and climate change, unless we change ourselves and change our ways, scientists tell us that our race will not be around to talk about and debate the issue of life in the Universe or any other issue in another 100 years. 

What can prevent us from self-destruction is disclosure that is leveraged in a way that creates a better world, not a worst world filled with fear.  Peter Jennings opened the door for further scientific research in regards to UFOs and in regards to the understanding of other dimensions through Michio Kaku's interview.  Jennings gave some breathing room to those who have the secrets, with the opportunity for a fresh start by inviting the public to ask the U.S. and world governments to scientifically investigate UFOs since it wasn’t properly done in the past with Project Blue Book.  He may have opened the mind of some skeptics with this process and has also made it socially acceptable for other journalists to now report UFOs and talk about this issue that has been ‘taboo’ for decades with most journalists.  This could be a major breakthrough that transforms the next 10 years and allows us to move towards solutions. 

A wise man once said to focus 5% of our attention on the problem and 95% of our attention on the solutions.  Let us follow what we each feel is the solution, what we each bring to the table and trust that more advanced and wiser ET beings would not be wasting their time in engaging us if they felt that we did not have a chance to survive what Gregg Braden calls the Shift of the Ages.  This is a time of opportunity that all religions and prophets have talked about and we can create the future that we choose by being proactive and positively influencing the right people to move forward with solutions. 

Let’s create a future that leaves a legacy of star dreams to future generations as detailed in Alfred Webre’s book “Exopolitics” and let's make the best of all the things that come our way...


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