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Alby Baker

Hallooo exopolitics&friends -- great website&resource, and thanks.

Some considerations&questions, if anyone is interested.

Since the (local) field of consciousness, at least in part, has been hijacked/hacked&distorted, and continues to be by the creeps (archons/minions/whatever) -- even with these stopgap interventions&techniques such as greg braden/etc are proposing -- the shite keeps rolling in, if not worsening/escalating for the whole world/reality, contrived as it is.

So the essential question arises -- what will shift&restore the entirety, rather than focusing on mere&temporary bits&pieces? A so-called prayer intervention (invocation/intent/just-do-it/etc) may indeed provide a personal/local breakthrough, it nonetheless turned out the native american that imagined/influenced the rain, set in motion effects he had no control over. In the scheme of things, wonderful as it appears, it's small potatoes, small comfort. The drivers&consequences of the larger madness&agendas are on their way to destroying the planet, hologram or no.

The matrix dynamo needs dismantled, and ended, in no uncertain terms, once and for All. Until then, even with these worthy&feel-good practices, it's akin to children playing with toys. How far are these mini-interventions really getting us in the scale of things?

The gnostics of their myriad times&places still woke up in the matrix every morning, just like their more recent counterparts. The things we lack are essential comparatives/memories&imaginations of an original/natural state of consciousness/creation. It is one thing to feel&embody familiar sensations of rain, and/or sunshine (whatever), it is quite another to try to imagine/recreate something that's been forgotten, if not forcibly mindwiped altogether. The creeps have been quite thorough in the undermining&disconnects, and whatever manages to bleed though from the original field of consciousness has been marginalized, if not insufficient to break the spell&chains.

Another question being -- what's the point of "fixing" this flypaper illusion? It seems to me the most compelling option is withdrawing attention&energy from it -- restoring consciousness itself, rather than the illusory swamp&spell its mired in.

Any comments&suggestions? Best to All. alby

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