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Ian MacLeod

First, this article/letter needs to be proof-read. There are a few simple mistakes in it. Second, I've tried this out on more than one intelligent, aware adult and it was rejected out of hand by each. If those Attorneys General are not aware of the multiple false-flags that have happening all over the country, and if they are unaware of the genuine "elite" conspiracies, this sounds like another hysterical "conspiracy theory" presentation like countless others! I'm not saying it's untrue - I'm saying it will likely hit the trash can before it's ever seen by any actual Attorney General, much less acted upon!

Are there ANY actual State office holders, some sort of high State officials with some credibility who could hand-carry this to each State Attorney General? That's the LEAST it's going to take in order to have it taken seriously! A lot of backup documentation of all the rest of this continuing, illegal attack on America that has been accelerating almost openly since Bush should be taken along as well. If you're serious about this, it's going to HAVE to be more than just another blog with another "off-the-wall, crazy conspiracy theory" on it!


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