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As much as I respect you, I have to ask an honest question... Why was it claimed 500 people were treated and recovered, and that it was approved as a treatment. Why were 3 shipments stopped, if it wasn't effective they wouldn't have cared... Are you saying Dr Rima is part of their agenda? Also, can you provide inverse logical proof, ie: Show anywhere it was given and failed to cure it. Jim Stone VS Dr Rima? Maybe both work? Maybe none work. Maybe They're all lying. Dr. Rima Never claimed colloidal silver cured Ebola. She said it had to be Nano Silver 10ppm. Are you aware of this. Who to believe. Please check out the information on nano vs colloidal. I'm looking for proof that it has ever failed.

phil morrison

What we got here is total disinformation. Total!

Next we'll be reading how chemtrials scrub your lungs clean.


Yes, it makes a lot of sense. I've talked to friends who studied biology and medicine and the unique "problem" would be the side effects of vitamin C in excess. But in urgent cases this would be an option in case the government does not come up with a solution for it and this is in my opinion thir intention.

read a book

OH MY GOOOSH YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! Cyanide binds to cytochrome proteins meant for electron transport in your freaking mitochondria! You have NO idea what you're talking about!


The author of this is a fraud. UCLA studies have proven that it does in fact kill viruses, in fact in lab results it killed every virus it came in contact with. Don't be ignorant.


Sorry to disagree with you about the article above about colloidal silver being ineffective against viruses. CS actually interfers with the replication of viruses and this is also fairly well known.

As for curing Ebola, here is some known valid research by the US Government that does indeed confirm CS's efficacy against the Ebola virus.

A Department of Defense 2009 Funded Study Finds Nano Silver Inhibits Ebola Virus. Novel Nanotechnology- based Antiviral Agents. Silver nanoparticle neutralization of hemorrhagic fever viruses by Janice Speshock, Ph.D. and Saber Hussain, Ph.D. Applied Biotechnology Branch, 711th Human Performance Wing, Air Force Research Laboratory. Funding DTRA proposal #4 10036_07_AHB & JSTO/DTRA - NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program contract #F49620-02-C-0015. It was Cleared for public release 88AWB-2009-4491 UNCLASSIFIED. It was found that 10 ppm of nanosilver to be most effective. You can read the rest.

Here is the link to the above study research results:


But I would agree with you about Vitamin C being also good against viruses. However, taking Ascorbic acid orally is perhaps the worst way to take Vit C because only 15% of the vit c you take is actually absorbed into the blood from the intestines.

I prefer to convert the ascorbic acid(oxidant) to ascorbate(anti-oxidant). Then I add drops of lugols iodine to the ascorbate solution. This oxidizes and converts the ascorbate to dehydroascorbate(DHA) which is absorbed rapidly into the blood from the intestines in much higher amounts than ascorbic acid because it takes a different pathway.

I also found that the best and quickest way to get just ascorbate into the blood is, of course, to use it combined with 50% DMSO(50-50 with water). This method allows the DMSO to carry at least 80% of the ascorbate directly into the blood and it's very cheap. This DMSO method is equal to, if not better than, the somewhat more expensive lyposomal vitamin c form which I'm sure you know all about.

Indeed, it must be admitted that taking Vitamin C via the oral route is extremely wasteful -- since, by using the oral route, about 85% of this vit c will be excreted and go out the back door with the fecal trash. Linus Pauling found and proved this to be true in his own research on vitamin c.


The WHO, our pharmacies and drug manufacturers are downplaying the positive abilities of nano silver because it threatens a worldwide mega-dollar industry. This author has likely been influenced by their propaganda... or is literally helping spread it.

Study after study - as mentioned above - in the form of 10ppm kills has been shown over and over again to eliminate viruses as well as bacteria and fungus. The claim in this article that it does not eliminate viruses is at the very best, misinformation.

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