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Nova Montgomery

Can we handle the truth?


They say nano silver also for treatment ,Just stay away from all vaccines Get your exemption forms for your kids!!!!!

White Star

Colloidal Silver Kills ebola and over 650 other disease/organisms... 'Nano' silver is a sales gimmick/term used by Dr Rima to imply it is different to CS and 'special'. ALL CS is nano-sized particles of silver dissolved in water. Chinese medicine has recorded use of Silver to kill germs etc., for thousands of years! Google Dr Bob Beck and his simple method to make Colloidal Silver with a 9v PP3 battery and a near pure, 99%+ silver rod.

Curing disease with a 9-volt battery?
The Bob Beck Protocol

Ladies and Gentlemen, this may be the most important post I’ll ever write…

In 1991 two researchers (William Lyman and Steven Kaali) at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered a way to disable every virus, bacteria, and pathogen on the planet, including the AIDS virus. As far as I know, their findings only appeared in three small articles.


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