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Voluptuous Hypothesis

You have a radical ideas on a cure.


Who this author really is ... I wonder. Lots of misinformation here. s/he says .3 is upper level safe dose and higher doses are very dangerous... Not so. See here: even conservative Mayo recommends dose of up to 5mg (http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/adult-health/expert-answers/melatonin-side-effects/faq-20057874) The side effects of melatonin listed here are absurd. Yes, it can interact with blood thinners. Yes it will probably cause sleepiness... Maybe headache, not risk free. But lots of what is written is not close to accurate. It's NOT true that the government is recommending melatonin for ebola. But maybe someone should. -- melatonin does have potent antiviral effects which can be read about via a quick search of pubmed. Yikes.


I've been taking melatonin for years, usually the .5mg chewable from Trader Joes. I've had none of the side affects described in this article. All substances (all) have side affects to certain people. That's why side affects are required to be listed or identified. Melatonin allows me to get more sleep, while being tired can lead to inattention and resulatant accidents whether driving a car or simply walking. To generalize that this makes them dangerous is absurd and fear mongering.

Toby Cain

You are so right about Vitamin C. There is no way that the public is being told the truth.

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