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Jane Stilwell

Jon, I am trying to make this go viral, pls post if you like it,


The subject is Ebola, or more generically, simply VIRUS. You’ve all heard about it, time to stop worrying and roll up your sleeves, and either stay in isolation, or dive in there and help out, because:

It is just a virus, not some new special disease that needs a new experimental vaccine with MORE Mercury to make you Mad as a Hatter.

Don’t get sidetracked with Colloidal Silver, fine for bacteria, and it can be supportive, but in this case, this virus has given away its secret, because it shows symptoms of scurvy, and reminds us that what we use for VIRUS’s and SCURVY is our old friend:


Now, not wanting to make the mistake of giving medical advice without a license, here is the disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and can only tell you what I would do if it were me trying to prevent or treat a VIRUS with SCURVY symptoms, or what someone I know did or would do to prevent or treat illness (so that our own immune system can do the healing), a VIRUS with SCURVY symptoms.

What I would, and am doing is getting as much Vitamin C to my cells as possible. I know this can be a problem with bowel tolerance, so I have the means to make my own Liposomal Vitamin C, which is buffered. I haven’t made a successful batch yet (I probably missed the hot water step, will correct), so my alternate form is Sodium Ascorbate, also buffered. I use two different forms, the powdered, a level teaspoon, sublingually, 3 or more times a day, more than 3 as the VIRUS outbreak gets closer. Another alternate form is Ester C, which I can get at WalMart, CVS, Drug Emporium, or Nutrition stores.
When Bob Beck was alive, he had a very good insight: “Most people are hiding and waiting to die.”
If that is not you, you may want to do a little more research and make your own decisions about living, preventing and treating illness (so that your own immune system can do the healing), and passing this e-mail along to your mailing list so this will go Internet Viral!

There is another issue, apparently Ebola can survive at very low temps, so I need to keep taking my C, even when the crisis is over. Data here
.This is an article about Rob Schneider speaking up about virus’s, Vitamin C, and parents right and duty to have choice: http://www.stage2omega.com/rob-schneider-world-hero-speaking-up-to-protect-everyone-from-vaccine-killers/

For your further information and verification, you will find an article and videos in the attached:

Excuse me, I can't link you to my HD.

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