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Doreen Agostino

As I understand, the end of this world age cycle is 'like no other' because the Power which gives each of us breath, awareness, and freewill a.k.a. Soul, which creates worlds, stars, planets, galaxies, and universes, is taking the human body ‘as never before’ into a new world cycle, for us to remember our original blueprint, and end the lie of separation.

In other words humans are NOT powerless we are powerful beyond measure. Rather than focus on death, focus on cooperating with one another to liberate our species from the dark matrix.

Rather than fear ebola thank it for the opportunity to know what you truly are, Consciousness unbounded in form, empowered with freewill to purify debris from the past, and make way for a new positive Earth timeline; our greater destiny!

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” [Gospel of St. Thomas]

We are divine, we are actually creators in charge of our destiny, and we need to take charge of our destiny by enacting the divine in us. Words have power, and are a way of creating what happens to us, just like in the story of Genesis. http://www.superconsciousness.com/topics/knowledge/secret-spanish-mystics


I have immunity against Ebola Russia, Republic of Tatarstan, Almetyevsk

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