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alex s.

years ago my friends suspected Adams was a disinfo agent, and popped in to visit his HQ location, only to find the location an unlabeled office revealing itself to be an apparent front for an organized psyop disinfo efffort, with only a few NaturalNews pamphlets in the front area. Upon inspection the place did not appear to have anything to do with the NaturalNews website or anything journalistic at all. It was intentionally masked from any identifying markers so as not to be visible to the public.


I have felt for a while the negative energy around Mike Adams, especially with his strong connection to Alex Jones. They have some good information at times, but focus so much on the negative. Thanks for this article, I concur.

Roberta Pate

Very eye-opening! Thank You very much!

Steve Q.

Don't trust Adams. He jerked our company around. When a phone number was required, he virtually disappeared. There is definitely something not right about Adams.


i had this feeling one week ago when i received his news letter, and i had not seen this article yet, Alfred.
yes ..he seemed to spread same fears and ' out of control' out break Ebola as main medias and cdc.and Alex Jones//

Thank you.

Nathan O'Connor

Such a wonderful post

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