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Marva Lidstone

Bless you and thank you for caring. I already take vitamin C with one iron tablet, my doctor said I would absorb the iron more if I took the vitamin C too. My husband had a terrible virus infection, awful cough, I doubled up on my vitamin C & I never so much as had a sniffle. I will pass this information on to my two daughters & anyone else who will listen.

Victoria Tellez

thank you!!!

Antony Hinks

Many thanks ALBERT on Everything you do..
Tony H


ok I get the take 500 mg a day. which would be one tablet. but if ebola comes to my state you go to how many tablets of the 500 mg per day? or if you get symtpton how many 500mg per day? I need tablet amounts... please. I want to be prepared


I am confused about this statement: Since IL-6 plays a huge role in damaging blood vessels, it is important to stop its release. And there are some very simple foods that can be eaten that facilitate this. The first is green tea. Green tea can curtail cytokine IL-6 release by 21 percent (which pales compared to vitamin C, but would be a bonus). Of similar value are apples, cinnamon, most berries, choke cherries, pomegranite, olive oil, flax seed oil and fish oil. You should avoid caffeine and chocolate, ............

you should drink green tea and the other things or stay away from them?

isabel marshal

very nice blog!!............Vitamin C is the primary antioxidant in the diet. Most people do not take enough to be healthy. While this is true of many nutrients, vitamin C is a special case.


Great information, thanks. Related to Vitamin C, I've heard that mixing it with MSM also has significant health effects.

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