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Since you the author of this article knows so much about vitamin C, why are you not curing victims of ebola? Go ahead and save one live with your conspiracy theory, and your claim against the WHO may have some credibility.


This is not a reputable website, nor news source.


James and Honest - Experience is better than conjecture. There are many reputable physicians (dating back to the 1950's) who have used high-dose IV vitamin C with very creditable results. Liposomal vitamin C is demonstrating impressive results, too.

It is easy to not investigate a subject thoroughly (i.e., hide one's head in the sand) and throw stones based on what? You want proof? Read the excellent book, "Curing the Incurable," by Dr. Thomas Levy, which cites many research papers proving the efficacy of ascorbic acid, both orally and intravenously.

Read the on-line version of the book, "The Healing Factor: Vitamin C Against Disease," at http://vitamincfoundation.org/stone/ for further discussion and research references.

Better yet, experiment with ascorbic acid in an "honest" manner. Find out what dosages are recommended by proponents -- not the RDA set by the FDA. Also, note how much IV vitamin C was used by Dr. Klenner, Dr. Cathcart, Dr. Levy and others. Watch the video about Alan Smith, the New Zealand dairy farmer who contracted Swine Flue and had his life saved with both IV vitamin C and liposomal vitamin C. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTXSTGGRvKY) Try it out for yourself (all forms). Many who have done so, swear by the liposomal form. Just be informed and fair and then you can better comment. As it stands, your comments mean little as neither of you are basing you opinions on personal experience.

As far as this web site being reputable or not, that is beside the point. The information in the article either stands on its own merits (again, look at the research) or not. I am not vouching for other articles here, but I do know the vitamin C information is not wild speculation.

John Hammell

James- Your cynicism won't help you survive the CIA's planned ebola psyop.

The author of this article is an attorney in his 70s who has deconstructed the CIA's ebola psyop, explaining how it is being foisted off on us. He has created this whole blog as a public service and it could save your life if you would stop reacting to him in such a stupid, mindless, arrogant way.

I incorporated his deconstruction of the CIA's ebola psyop into the Alert that I emailed last night to my double opt in email distribution list of thousands of people world wide.

You can see that alert here http://ymlp.com/zsBWjz

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