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Nik Tesla

The Zionist Exposed: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw9EhjyU3JU&list=LLqc03W_JCcWmpH8hfZTWGvA


Sept 11 would be an excellent date to have a false flag incident and have martial law close the entire area. Whether it might be an Ebola outbreak or another Ferguson type shooting -- doesn't really make any difference because the result will be the same -- more control of American citizen's movements.
With the joke of illegal immigration control, the corrupt CDC research, or increasing military weapons, or one of a hundred other scenarios -- it will happen @ Sept. 11.

H. Munster

"The Jewish community in NYC should recognize this, if anyone can, because concentration camps have already been built, gas chambers that trains roll into "

Most jewish new yorkers are staunch liberals. They believe and trust the corporate media...
mostly because many of them work in the media.

You have to understand that the banking cabals have been making money from war and chaos for hundreds if not thousands of years. They create wars and finance them.

Stamford push

indeed !

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