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I read your post fully. The risk reward ratio, I feel, goes in favour of vaccination in select diseases like DPT, OPV, Measles and viral hepatitis 'B'. I am not supporting Rota virus (diarrhoea should be treated by Oral rehydration or iv fluids), Hemophilus influenza - b and pneumococcal vaccines (meningitis if develops should be identified early and has to be cured by antibiotics), influenza, mumps, rubella, Chicken pox, viral hepatitis 'A' which are generally not much harmful.

Acute flaccid paralysis has some other causes like Guillain Barre syndrome which can develop due to many infections, so you cannot put blame on polio vaccine alone.

Between 1 in 1000 to 1 in 1,00,000 vaccinations serious complications develop in children (or in their later life), which should be compensated, than suggesting to stop the vaccination

No doubt, parents should be warned of rare possibility of such adverse reactions in their children.

Development of asthma, autism, crohn's or psychological problems may be due to other factors also, like environmental pollution and psychosocial factors in the families apart from vaccination alone.

We cannot guarantee anyone that a person cannot develop psychiatric problems at any age.

You have dealt with all negative points related to vaccination - but positive side if you look will be extremely good.

Last,the letters in this site are too small to read it easily, though written with more information, many of which doctors know, but not known to general population.

Thank you

T Cain

I certainly agree that doctors should be more open about the risks involved with vaccines because we are not given enough information. Parents can then make their own informed decision based on all the facts available rather than being forced into it by being kept in the dark with regards to the risks.


Vaccines are not safe or effective. They don't work at all.

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