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AL Whitney

This is absolutely stunning work. So many excellent researchers have come to the same conclusions you have. However, none of them have put it together so well.

I am going to do my best to share this with as many contacts/groups as I can.

Thank you so much for this incredibly important information.


Rebecca Carley, MD

Amazingly well researched document with undeniable proof of genocide and crimes against humanity by these psychopaths.

I have researched vaccines for about 18 years after my only child was brain damaged. In fact, I have documented that pretty much all diseases in "internal medicine" are caused by a corruption of the immune system produced when vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream. We are talking about all autoimmune diseases, non-traumatic seizures, cancer & genetic damage, in people and in pets. This has been documented by non-pharma funded veterinarians at Purdue University in an outstanding article entitled "science of vaccine damage", available on the internet.

The most chilling fact is what the medical mafia does to anyone who tells the truth; that inoculations are the true WMD. In my case, they didn't just rob me of my medical license claiming I had a "delusion of conspiracy" (note that I never had a complaint against me, even when I was a surgeon); they also had my only son removed from me. I have not been allowed contact with him for over a decade. My major crime against the medical mafia was that I developed a protocol using homeopathy and other natural therapies that reverses all these vaccine induced diseases. Their goal is depopulation as the author states, as well as creation of disease for which they sell billions of dollars of toxic drugs which cure NOTHING. Insurance was invented so that only big pharma treatments would be covered, steering the herd towards these toxic drugs.

I am very grateful to the author for bringing out this important information. Readers need to tell everyone they know...YOUR LIFE IS AT STAKE!

Rebecca Carley, MD
Court Qualified Expert in VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases)

Clayton Evans

Thank God for the caring these researchers have done, there is a special place in heaven for them , thank you


Bravo and thank you. I have watched each of these scientists and professionals each deliver their own summations separately, and now it is great pleasure to see them all come together to deliver the truth.I agree with the last woman, yes they got one of my children pretty goo. I am pissed and ready to rise up! Parents, let us get serious!


Great post. I find it interesting Many thanks

Doctor Jack

Yeah, bottom line - There's chemical poisoning but not "vaccines".


That's some fantastic investigative work! It needs to be spread far and wide!
My heart goes out to Carley, and all those having to see their babies die or damaged by this nefarious chemical cocktail.

I'm able to see these vaccine trends at a very clear vantage point as I work at a hospital and see the vaccine records of pregnant women. So far, it's not good! I collect their signature for permission to give the hepatitis B vaccine to their newborn an hour after delivery. More than 95% of these infants will not be exposed to the virus within the first month, yet the parents choose to vax their newborn!! About 5-10 years ago when the hospital started giving these vaccines, most people had not researched it. They were rather ambivalent- just had it given because it was offered. Now it's as if there is a battle going on and they've got to prove they're a good , educated parent. 1-2 years ago, I started hearing the phrase, "yea, I'm pro-vaccine. I want it given." Totally closed off - no questions about it.

These are people who won't take ibuprofen when pregnant, and many don't want an epidural because their babies will be exposed to narcotics. And >95% are up to date on their tdap and flu vaccines, meaning they got it early in the pregnancy!

One would think with the amount of good, quality articles like this that alert consumers about the dangers of vaccines, that we would see people starting say NO! I am hopeful, but what is it going to take?!!

Dulcie Cantarella

This is 2018 now. Why has the vaccine industry not collapsed.Doctors do not have time to research vaccines but should be suspicious of the growing ill health of their patients.I believe young doctors are learning more about the dangers of vaccines but the pharmaceutical companies are too powerful.They fund many of the universities.A long, long, road to end this wrong doing.People trust their doctor and just cannot make the connection that vaccines should never have been invented.A healthy immune system is all it takes for most people to survive in this world.


It seems that some Doctors have come a long way from their solemn vow to "do no harm". Too much government interference is never good.


When governments get too big and powerful bad things always happen :(

Mr Clicks

This is why im skeptical about any sort of "authority" especially governments.

Rick James

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Thank you for your efforts. I've heard each of these scientists and professionals present their own summaries separately, so seeing them all join together to deliver the truth is a fantastic delight. Yes, they got one of my children very good, I concur with the previous mom. I'm enraged and ready to take action! Let's get serious, parents!

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