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David Howard

Dr. Phil reveals polygraph results for E. Jean Carroll.

David Howard

Katie Johnson: If a Governor can be charged, indicted, & taken away in custody, so too can a President.

David Howard

5G is a kill Grid.

David Howard

What we witnessed on 9/11/01 at the WTC was the dreaded nuking of an American city by its most horrific enemy --- its own federal government. Seems the FBI needs to do polygraphs on all of Congress past and present... no one can seem to tell the truth under oath and not.

David Howard

Christine Atwell: I read that Trump won't allow 5G within a mile of the White House or within a mile of one of his Florida properties.

David Howard

Covid 19 Facts: The virus can travel 6' it can not travel 6'1 or greater, it can live on all surfaces except anything that comes in the mail from Amazon, it does not live in Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's or any grocery store, it is only deadly in bars, restaurants, small businesses, hair salons and especially churches, and It can not live on your food as long as you get it to go.

David Howard

5G millimetre waves cause coronavirus - Coming soon: FBI-administered polygraph tests for Big Telecom executives

David Howard

Google "Joe Biden and Jessica Collins"

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