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EverSearching ForKnowledge

Great interview: I have a question. Will the reset of the Dinar have an automatic affect of increase of the dollar, or must one invest in the Dinar to avert losing a devaluation of the dollar?


Parliamentary Finance: Central Bank will print large cash categories to create the removal of zeros central bankBaghdad said the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Masood Haider, Tuesday, the central bank decided to print large cash categories to create the removal of zeros from the currency in the coming period, stressing that the decision thoughtful and maker and to be implemented. He explained Haider for “tomorrow Press,” that ” Finance Committee discussed with the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords in its last meeting the subject of currency printed in the case of the availability of financial liquidity, “noting that” the central bank decided to reprint some of the larger denominations to create the removal of zeros from the currency in the coming period. ” He added that “due Categories printed and fifty-one hundred thousand Iraqi dinars, “pointing out that” the thoughtful decision maker and for more than two years and only implementation remain. ”

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