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Dear Alfred,

Annett is working on half a brain. The Church and the Monarchy are the only agencies working on behalf of the people (minus, of course, the ones embedded in the other side) against the Corporate Fascist Not-See New World Odour.

Take out the Churches and the Monarchies, and the NEW WORLD ODOUR has no competition, no resistance.

If Annett doesn't see this--and he apparently doesn't--he's mad as a hatter, and I don't want any more of his stuff in my email box, okay?

He's myopic, blinded, bent on some sort of revenge, but he's not working for humanity, not one bit. If he were, he'd be working on the side empowering Common Law AGAINST the UCC, the Admiralty Courts, whose mercenary commerce statutes enables child- and adult-slavery, privatized prisons, sex- and drug-markets, and exonerate ALL RELIGIONS including Satanism--the guys who need babies to kill and eat twice a year on a regular schedule.

Worldwide republicanism will perpetuate corporate dominance of society by bribery, nepotism, elitism and racism. It is to be deplored because the Corporate State is by definition in complete harmony with the pro-slavery, pro-genocide Charter, the Emerald Covenant, wrought out of the blood of Lyra so long ago, that keeps this planet in total slave-status.

Emily Windsor-Cragg

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