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Shari ^i^

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

I have followed James Martinez and his group (Bob Neveritt, Dr. Carolyn Dean and "our non-physical" "iON") for a couple of years now and have great respect for who they are and what they are up to.

This raises the "Fulford/Wilcock" tale to a new level of credibility, IMHO. I can hardly wait to see what they report next.

BTW, I felt it was worth a $5/mo. membership to join CMN (Conscious Media Network) just to hear Regina's interview with Bob Neveritt.

We're cookin' with gas, now!

Bruce Fisher

Wilcock ways this 130 nation story is a hoax.

Alfred Lambremont Webre


David Wilcock is saying this is a hoax... from his bloghttp://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1022-lawsuit-end-tyranny-ii UPDATE SUNDAY, JANUARY 1, 2012 -- ALMOST THERE

We are putting the finishing touches on Part III. This is a VERY significant and comprehensive article for reasons I am not at liberty to disclose, but should be apparent within a reasonable amount of time.

So yes... I am fine and have been working straight through the holidays, though at a more relaxed speed than during other times of the year.

The moderators informed me we are getting inundated with comments from people linking to a story on Conscious Media Network about someone claiming to represent an alliance of 130 countries that will be launching a new financial system.

THIS IS A HOAX. I am now in direct contact with the top people organizing the 122-nation alliance we have been speaking of, as a consequence of getting deeply involved in investigating and writing about the lawsuit -- and they told me this story is not true.

It is possible that we are just dealing with someone looking for publicity. It is also possible that this is intended to distract people from the real issue and do it in a way that can be discredited, so people do not believe the real story.

Anyway, my goal is to have the new article up ASAP. Stay tuned!

Alfred Lambremont Webre

2012: "THE YEAR OF DISINFO"? - Ben Fulford writes: The White Dragon Society "issued a warning to the British Royal Family that they must replace Elizabeth with her son Harry [sic] by April 1st of this year. Having Harry on the thrown would mean having a signator for the financial system who would support the planned changes."
Prince William is Elizabeth's grandson and presumed heir (Charles skipped over, and Prince William is by some evidence the world zionist king. So is the White Dragon Society of Ben Fulford just promoting more NWO dialectic?? In Light, Alfred ;-) What's your take?



The biggest threat to humanity is yet another system from the Banksters & politicians.
Didn't they ruin our planet enough already?

Please wake up to this wolf in sheep's clothing....
Question everything!

Peter v N

i believe all the reactions here should be viewed with a critical mind


James Martinez is scratching his nose at 15:34... what is he lying about? Or am i paranoid?


it's not anymore about devide and rule, but about creating chaos these days.. So people don't knwo who to believe anymore. I hope they'll really start thinking for themselves, but i'm afraid the wolf in the best sheep outfit will win the game..


or there's only one wolf that tries a lot of outfits ;-)


Have you maybe thought that David Wilcock is lying about the whole hoax thing? Quote " I am now in direct contact with the top people organizing the 122-nation alliance we have been speaking of, as a consequence of getting deeply involved in investigating and writing about the lawsuit -- and they told me this story is not true." this is a lie in my opinion... Do they think we are stupid?
As soon as he heard he already was in contact with ***122*** nations? Is he someone who is REALY important or just some blogger? I think i believe in those who make effort not those who write rubbish!



Hilde, David Wilcock is definitely NOT "just some blogger"!! Please educate yourself about him at his site Divinecosmos.com or even on projectcamelotportal.com that has many interviews with him. David is a gifted man who has worked very hard all his adult life researching, teaching and writting about subjects pertaining to the upcoming dimensional shift and everything it entails. He is VERY trustworthy!


Opps!, sorry, Hilde, I misread the posting and my post should have been directed to DaveSelecta.


There is a simple way to solve this problem. To get rid of the Federal Reserve. Why should the U.S Government pay the Federal Reserve 10% interest on all the money that it borrows every year? Common sense tells you that if a government borrows what it needs to run the country every year at 10% interest, after 10 years it will end up having to borrow and tax the people twice as much. The only way for the U.S Government to get out of debt is go back to printing its own interest free money. Why should all the Tax money that the American people pay every year, instead of binging used to help the people and to fix the schools, roads, bridges, and infrastructure, it gets wasted on paying the English Rothschild Basksters the interest on the money that they lent to our government. We need to get rid of these parasites that are sucking the life out of our country, by print our own money, and doing away with all these taxes. This would totally revitalize our economy, by allowing the people to keep and spend more the money that they earn every week. And the more people start to spend again, the more jobs will be created. To create a One World Coherency and to give total control of all the money to these Banking thieves would be sueaside.


So great to hear this. Thanks for sharing because we are in dire need to be freed from the slavery of financial debt.


It seems a valuable article about new economy

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