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Very courageous to make this public. Ignore the comments of morons who resort to insults because they don't have a brain to work it out. They are the ones the government depend on to carry out their plans.

A Facebook User

And the truth shall set you free...BIG NEWS for native peoples

Carl Daigrepont

This is GREAT!
Something is deactivating all of the nuclear warheads, the Illuminati and NWO are about to be wiped-out by the Chinese Secret Mafia of over 3 million highly-trained assassins, Bush Jr. is a War Criminal on-the-run, Obama is about to be yanked out of office, the Elite's vast,underground Nuclear Refuges were just nuked TWICE, emitting weird sounds world-wide, on and on...and now THIS, the Queen Shape-shifting Reptilian, herself is about to be given the boot (probably arranged by Prince William, himself).
Look-out J-Z, Beyonce, Rhianna, Maddona and Gaga....they're comin for youuuu,next! lol




Pat Hamer

I moved to US from UK at 16. All these gun toting or even the peacenix been telling me for years about how they got rid of "sovereign" immunity, in fact the prolatariate tell me how the revolution ended, according to the Declaration of Independance, "a right enestimable and formidable for tyrants only." Which as we all know is you can't sue the Crown, except for maybe King Charles. So the Yanks feel freedom, uh er, that is until one of them try's to excercise that so called First Amendment Right to Redress a a grievance. In 1998 S. Ct. Bogan v. Scott-Harris stated that "even if corrupt the law will not tolerate a citizen "redress" of the First Amendment. Ha Ha so much for the constitution! see www.occupyplacerville.com occupation not dedicated to homlessnes!

General Executor Zeke Bond

The riegning monarch of the day, is merely renting the Crown from the Pope, who bows to the pope and kisses his ring piece...All the Commonwealth officials and whats more there all Sovereign Knights of Malta...THE CROWN IS ON LOAN TO QE2 from the Vatican, just like me wanting to impress a chick so I go and hire a bigger dick.

I agree with a lot of the article, but the old there heaps of shit in the old Testament completely irrelevant. Im not gay but live and let live. Turn the other Cheek...etc etc..

This Jah dude is a walking contradiction, he's mixing Old testament (Talmudic Law) with New Testament (Levitical Law)

ie,,,,'An eye for an eye' 'V' 'Turn the other cheek' doesn't add up..Jah may need to lay off the Weed.


Although I may agree with the premise that the government of Queen Elizabeth may not be a lawful government, if you wish to use the the Bible as law then you are overlooking something VERY important. The fact that Jesus Christ i.e God in the flesh (if you believe such a thing) said this:

Mathew 22:36-40
36. Master, which is the great commandment in the law? 37. Jesus said unto him, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38. This is the first and great commandment. 39. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."

Were you paying attention? "On these two commandments hang ALL THE LAW"! Oh how I just love it when Christians conveniently forget these words in order to justify their bigotry when they use the ancient laws of the Old Testament. Love God and love thy neighbour, these are the only 2 commandments that matter, out of the mouth of God himself.


So, how do I get this Debbie girl arrested for incitement? Homophobic piece of crap.


There is no such word as coronated!

valdamir risipoudini

Once they gave away the mystical link that royal familly as to gouvern the material word better.this is how many are sick goes they miss such knowledge that is lost because of highness greed to own a world where they cant find you guility unless there is proof.

Jean fils de Richard Plantagenet

The Puritans took a similar approach and attitude towards a King and a kingdom, and they caused great suffering and death, then having established themselves, were put asunder and driven out. While in power they extended their madness and murder into Europe. In America, where there was much room, they were abandonned and left alone, to torture and kill each other. The natural law is not a wrathful vengeful bloodthirsty male humanoid ethereal, and people who call themselves Jews, Christians and Muslims are not it instruments. Killing, brutalizing and violating other human rights are antisocial uneconomic acts that destroy legitimate government, the viability of the society and human lives. "God's Word" is in its reality the words of primitive ignorant savages trying to explain the natural law. Having committed the "sin" of "blaspheme" by explaining God, describing God, speaking for God, representing God, and trying to do God's work, they have, in their confusion, caused much long and great suffering and many early deaths. To advocate violations of human rights, killing, exclusion, causing poverty, and other things that cause suffering, harm or death, are in fact crimes, that when committed by persons holding governmental, institutional, corporate or industrial executive powers and positions are capitals crime that merit the capital punishment that legitimate government may impose (which is not killing or violating other human rights). Governments exist, by the will of people, and their legitimacy is determined by their honoring of human rights as their illegitimacy is determined by the not honoring human rights. Those that honor human rights survive. Those that do not honor human rights perish. To base government on the evolved myths of the natural law being an ethereal monster of the imaginations of ignorant primitive brutal wrathful vengeful bloodthirsty robbing killing genocidal savages who called themselves Jews and who believed that they were superior people with the responsibility to impose brutality, murder, inequity, injustice and other violations of human rights upon people they considered inferior, would be a grave error that would condemn the society to destruction from within by the classic produce of such madness: ever-increasing inequity, monopoly of the government and institutions, destruction of legitimate government, institutional violations of human rights, gathering and hoarding of the wealth, exclusion of people from participation in the social and economic intercourse requisite to life, ever increasing cost of living, prices, taxes, fines, fees, usury, rents, executive and professional salaries and bonuses and benefits, profits, dividends, poverty, suffering, early deaths, conflict, wars, and ritual institutional human sacrifice, and other killing. Trying to blame the Queen for the sins and crimes of the Ph-Dr's in families of Ph-Dr's, doctors in families of doctors, lawyers and judges in families of lawyers and judges, preachers priests and rabbis in families of the same, and other professionals in families with like titles, the minority, class or clan who have gained wealth and vain glories by their implementation of the monopolies, hoarding, exclusion, inequity, injustice and other violations of human rights, indicates a very limited view of a mentality constrained by the religious influence of primitive savages. The first step out of this mess is legislated full employment, full pay and full benefits assured by the central treasury, which restores the natural universal economy to permit the peace, goodwill and cooperation to facilitate all other human rights, the natural legitimate egalitarian universally representative democratic government, by whatever name, and the viability of the society, its ability to continue to exist. Puritan and other elitist assaults and implementation would only destroy all that is good and natural, as Puritan and other elitist philosophies, religious and of the universities, have always done before.

monarch 1136 labels

Not sure if everyone here has seen this. There are quite a few threads on DIF which have touched on the John Anthony Hill case, he is the Producer of the documentary film "7/7 Ripple Effect".


What total nonsense the stone of scone was captuered by King Edward I. If we believe this rubbish no King before then was king because we had no stone. The fact the stone lived under the coronation chair was more an annoyance to the Scots than a necessity for a coronation. Some people are just to gullible for words


Thanks for writing this blog and sharing it with the world. I would like to know how to go for reading your rss blog. Please let me know if possible.


True or not isn't the correct current paradigm. What happens when she tells everyone to go "F" off, and is backed up by the british military? What will you all do then? Nothing! Not a frickin' thing will any of you in England do! You have NO guns, NO weapons, and have been deballed, and disarmed! You may riot in the streets until they decide just to shoot a few protestors, and see if thaat takes some of the steam out. If that doesn't work, then they can just shoot more of yoou, and there will be nothing you can do about it; so good luck with that!

Us Yanks have not yet given up all our weapons, and it would take the entire might of the US Military to attempt to disarm the people of the US; and every one of the Communists currently in power know that the citizens of this country will NEVER surrender our weapons! They might take them from our cld, dead hands, but surrender them...HELL NO! Frankly most Americans do not believe that the US Military would even entertain such a tactic, but those of us in the know, realize that they are all so arrogant as to believe they could win! As Yamamoto said "....every tree, every bush, every blade of grass...!" No, I'm afraid the US Military woud get an ass-whoppin that they will never forget! The people will take VERY heavy losses, but the more we lose, the more will join! The more they lose..well they'll just lose more, until they don't have enough left to even fight! And, that is when the hangings will begin!

To all would-be American Tyrants, you will lose, and you will die! Period, end of report! If you really want this, then you better bring it on, because we will NEVER surrender, we will NEVER falter, and we will NEVER quit!
In the Spirit of AMERICAN Liberty,
Sic Semper Tyrannus!


Republic Of Britain has a nice ring to it, or ROB. No change there then, and I'm English by the way.

Fred Best

HRH II is not legitimate to the thrown anyway, since Richard III was killed as Bosworth, but in reality Edgar Aetheling decendency are the legitimate Heirs. So not matter what she is not the rightful ruler.
Another point, she is sometimes refered to as 'the Queen of England' she is not, she is the British Queen we have not had our own Royal family since 1603. Plus the Queen is opposed to Equality for the English so really, times up. We all regard her with tremendous respect but the rules are the rules, no doubt the Gov will fudge and bend the rules to suit as they always do.


get stuffed Debra Siddons.

paula s

well if you all allow yourselves to be suckered in by your fake Monarch,good for you!I think the fact that J.A.H was acquitted and the jury agreed that his findings were indeed TRUE,says it all,doesnt it?Plus the author of this article has posted this info,in order to free us all from the cruel lives we are currently leading,therefore the author is hardly a fascist,plus i didnt read the words,bash gay people,or anything to that effect,in the article,so get off your high horses please!And why would you laugh at the reference to J.K Rowling?Are you denying that she writes books and produces films that promote witchcraft and sorcery?otherwise known as the "dark arts" to our children?


I am no fan of the Royal usurpers but the Bible came from Rome and Jesus is a Roman invention. We don't need either we are our own sovereign and need to realize we have been enslaved. The way back is to realize we have all the answers inside of us and we need to look within.

alan smith

its 2013 anybody with an ounce of common sense knows the so called royals are no different to anybody else most of what they have has been taken from others all her wealth should be distributed including land to the people and then they should be abolished and all places of worship should be knocked down as there is no gods either then wars and killings may cease as there will be no divides

Ali Mackay

Um... big point being missed here. The Queen is the head of the Church of England. A church created by a king to allow him to have what he wanted under the banner of religion. If you want to be specific, no person who believes in god should be in the church of england. In fact if you want to be even more specific, the arguement that there can not be man made rules is blown out of the water simply by the fact any church exists as Jesus himself stated that churches should not exist. Also, as there is no voice of god anywhere, anywhen at any point in recorded history, then all churches, church rules and beliefs are all man made!! Therefore, as there is no proof towards a God other than people believing there is, there is in fact no such thing as the Christian church! If this individual wanted to come up with a case against the queens legitamacy, he should of gone for the fact that her family are not the rightful owners to the British crown.. Which is fact of history, not fiction of religious belief!


What this dude said ^

Sounded sensible until the god stuff and sodomite references. From that point onwards it all seemed a bit mental.

Stephan Toth

The implications of this artical are far reaching. This means that the all of the governments since she was crowned are unlawful. That means all of the laws, treaties, international agreements, bodies that they set up, especially those that are set up by royal charter like the BBC Trust and of course our membership to the EU, the UN and other international bodies are also unlawful. It means that the police and the judiciary have no legitimate power to arrest or sentence anyone other than under the doctrine of common law. It also means that every contractual dispute brought to court is invalid and unlawful and the actions of all bailiffs are unlawful. THIS RULING IF FULLY IMPLIMENTTED BY THE COMMON PEOPLE CAN AND WOULD BRING DOWN THE WHOLE CORRUPT SYSTEM.


Truth about British Royalty is in the origin of the Plantagenet's. Clovis line.

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