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I weep!


Where did these kids go? Why were they taken?
What would the royal family need children for? and natives by that..


the royal family probably ate the children.


well I never heard of Canadian Aboriginals, but I guess thats the native name for the indians or eskimos that used to live there, this honestly wouldn't surprise me. I am Australian and the british that came here massacred the local population, put poison in food rations and really nice stuff like that, the settlers killed every aboriginal person that lived in Tasmania or Van Demans Land as it used to be called, every single bloody one of them. We dont know how many were killed but its probably millions through out all of Australia. These poor people have only just been recognised by our law as people and the Australian government (representitive of the house of windsor not the people)was still stealing their children up to the 1960s or later. So genocide by the English in another country doesn't surprise me. The same people who commit genocide on every native population in the world that they colonised, what were some how against hitler? When the monarch was German heritage? These are the same people now that have their puppet politicians who pretend they are here to protect us from this, but the same people still run the show, the same families, the same cross breeding royal C$%NTS. So I wonder, do the aboriginal people get a home land like the terrorist Zionist Jews? The world is fucked, I hate genocide, I hate people who condone it.


I truly believe this person account of abuse at this Church school as well. Here in my country, there Is Archbishop George Pel who as far as I am aware covered up paedophelia, he is now a fucking cardianl of This region and votes for the pope. The pope has covered up these crimes, doesnt this say something? The are many orphanages here even in my home town and some in the hills where the stories of abuse are so horrendous that it makes a normal person want to kill every priest they see and can never trust this organisation that speaks in the name of Jesus but collects wealth beyond imagination, just look at the history of the Roman Catholic Church, really if Jesus were true would he condone any actions like that?
I went to a jesuit school, they covered up crimes of paedophelia, many anglican schools also have covered these crimes. The stories of these abuses connected to catholic churches in so large its almost unbelievable. Anyway why people still trust and follow these people so blindly is beyond me, one thing for sure is that if I have children they will never be with a priest alone, and If I die my dying wishes will be written in Law that my blood will never be taken care of by a man of the cloth.


I give myself and expel myself of all labels knowing full well who Iam and what a society or myself can do to me by verifying myself as a statistic. After watching various vids on youtube Iam fyll of anger mixed with compassion and want to understand more about the issues being covered up.I use to be a christain ,still am but not the kind that stands for abusing ,alienating and defying my fellow man and says hey I did nothing to you. On a fixed income I can relate having not much of anything but hey this is canada and be thankful you don't live on the streets. Be thankful you have experience and have a conscience .the truths must be told. revolution of a difference is far from over ,we have only just begun.

Imran Khan

That was a really great post...

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