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Eliminate completely the Cabal Crime Syndicate. These Career Criminals will be convicted for Crimes Against Humanity. Eliminate all of them and their families. Seize their assets and the people will use the money to fix their planet and the humanity that is here for the good of all and not the demise and destruction of all. Their system of destruction, murder, rape, thuggery, lies and service to self is finished. People rise up NOW, the masks are removed, see all for what it is. They can no longer poison the earth, the water, the food, your children. Game OVER! The Agenda 21, the Iron Mountain Report, the Georgia Guidestones, the Denver Airport, the Underground Bases, the plan for Genocide is OVER!


Something is wrong and missing with humanity. We call ourselves "HU-Man" but I don't see the light at present. Is that why they say 2012 will be a shift in conscience to be raised to the "Christ Conscience" I hope so, if it is not the case we are in a lot of trouble.


The Motability scheme car is part of an initiative in the UK, introduced by Motability Operations (a non-profit), which helps people who receive the highest rate of disability allowance or war pension supplement "motibility to buy new or used with permission. Wheelchairs and scooters can also be purchased under the same scheme.
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