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You make a good argument about the intentional killing of the Gulf but we still lack a motive??


I'll give you motive. Before Katrina the government was going to sell those ports to Saudi Arabia. I suppose the Saudi's didn't want people there. Hence the broken levees.

Now, remember, the gulf has many, many of these rigs there. And many people that aren't appreciative of the damage or chance there of for a disaster. So they make noise.

How do you alleviate the problem? You get rid of the people. How do you get rid of the people?...Well, you couldn't flood them out so now, the waters are poisoned. People can't live where the ground water is contaminated and don't want to live where there are all sorts of health hazards predicted from this crude geyser.
Motive enough?


Mind you, that's all supposition on my part except the known news reports about us selling the ports to the Saudis. It never happened after Katrina.

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