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Blaire is a war criminal and should be in Prison along with his buddy Bush – these kind of vitriol attacks are from someone who is scared stiff of justice knocking on his door and is desperately trying to divert attention. He thinks if Jones can do it so can I. The man has no integrity and no moral fiber that alone fiber at all.


MRW and Chu, If there is any group I feel anger and frustration towrad it is the U.S. Congress. These people are supposed to be the thinkers and diplomats. I am convinced that many, many of them know exactly what is happening and has been happening to the Palestinian people for a long time,while the American people did not. But as many have noted, change is in the air. Just like the soldiers in the APC, Congress is guilty of averting their eyes. Looking down at their feet. We have a few wonderful, clear-thinking congressional representatives who know that this does not smell right. Rachel or Occupation.But some of the big names:Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, John Kerry, Tom Harken, Dick Lugaretc. They are all smart people. Ask any one of them if they have ever walked across the cattle chute type border crossing into Rafah and I suspect their face will get bright red and anger will well up. They prefer that question to not be asked.I don't know how Congress lives with themselves either and I intrepret Vice President Biden's statement yesterday to extend farther than the American Military. I interpret it to reflect that this is also dangerous for the American Congress. At some future date. the American public is going to wake up and realize that this bulldozer was okayed for purchase by the U.S. Congress with oversight to all the organizations that are involved. And, it is not just bulldozers that they are sending . Every single Senator that I mentioned has been made aware that a U.S. funded bulldozer committed a human rights violation. They can avert their eyes as they did in the banking scam or they can stand up and do the right thing. I believe that Vice President Biden understands this.

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