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william dunlap

Article 3 was violated by obama.
how do i get my rights and the laws enforced with obama spending all our tax money at marthas vineyard who is in total disregard of his oath of office to protect u.s. Constitution without any accountablity or responsiblity?
i would like to file a charge of treason!


WIlliam W. Dunlap
3355 N. Academy BLvd, #201
Colorado Springs, CO 80817

William Dunlap

“For the record, I do not believe it would be constitutional for the government to target and kill any U.S. citizen - with a drone, or with a shotgun - without due process. Nor should any president deploy armed drones over U.S. soil.” -President Obama

How do I get any justice if these words are coming from Obama?

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERTPublicHealth

Obama assassination drone strikes illegal: Expert


"The president of the United States in his war powers can only do what the Constitution and the Congress expressly authorize. There has been no congressional authorization of a war in Yemen. The attacks, the drone attacks against Yemen are illegal under the laws of war and therefore the attack, which killed the four US citizens, are murder."

Press TV has conducted an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, human rights and war crimes lawyer from Vancouver about the admission by US Attorney General Eric Holder to the killing of four American citizens by US drones since 2009 in Yemen and Pakistan. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: How do you react as a lawyer to this admission? Does this make a case of accountability at least against the US government, vis-à-vis these killings, easier?

Webre: I’ve spent the last little while going over very carefully the four- or five-page letter of the attorney general and I’ve done it with a legal fine tooth comb. And what is surprising or not-so surprising is that the only legal authority mentioned in the entire letter is a 1952 Supreme Court case called Youngstown Sheet and Tube Versus Sawyer... in 1952, which is referred to as the ‘steel seizure’ case.

And that case stands entirely for the opposite principle and that is that the president of the United States in its war powers can only do what the Constitution and the Congress expressly authorizes. And there is no declaration of war against Yemen. And this has been an act of war against Yemen.

That case that the attorney general cites really ... they should go back to law school. It has to do with President Harry Truman’s seizing of the steel mills because there was a dispute between the owners and the unions and Harry Truman seized the steel mills under the war powers because he had just gone to war against North Korea without a congressional authorization.

The Supreme Court voided and prohibited Harry Truman and set aside his seizing of the steel mills so that if you take the Youngstown Sheet and Tube case as the attorney general is arguing and apply it here, there has been no congressional authorization of a war in Yemen.

The attacks, the drone attacks against Yemen are illegal under the laws of war and therefore the attacks, which killed the four US citizens, are murder.

Let me read exactly from the three conditions in the letter so that your viewers begin to understand the Alice in Wonderland that the Obama administration is. I mean, this is trying to make people think that they are above the law.

This is what the letter says ... “Such considerations allow for the use of lethal force in a foreign country”. So that means, in the entire world. In effect the US president has declared war against the entire world - against a US citizen who is a senior operational leader of al-Qaeda or its associated forces.”

Excuse me, I have read much research that al-Qaeda is actually run by the CIA. It is actually a disinformation force of the CIA to keep the war on terror going. And it was actively engaged in planning to kill Americans in (certain) circumstances (not disclosed).

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