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after midnight on June 5, 1968, Senator Robert Kennedy is shot at the Ambassador& 12:15 am local time, three bullets struck RFK, one in the head and two in his upper body? count the bullets :(0)RFK shot 3 or 4 times? (1) william Weisel d.o.b.1937 bullet to stomach?(2)Elizabeth Evans d.o.b.1926 shot head? (3) Paul Schrade d.o.b.1925 He & RFK shots to Head. (4) Irwin STROLL d.o.b.1951 bullet lower leg (5)Ira Goldstein. Shot calf/shot buttocks.LETS COUNT UP=TOTAL 6 PLUS RBK 3SHOTS=9 or more shots?Sirhan gun 8 chamber cylinder .22 calibre gun?There were 6 Ace Security guards with guns?only can name 3:(1) jack merritt (2)Thane Eugene Cesar (3)Fred Murphy ace commander/former Lapd? Ace men had guns? So did Stanley Kawalec ambassador Security guard? John F Kennedy Jr/Robert F kennedy Jr both believed Sirhan didn't do it but who did?There was over 1,ooo people there? Bobby Jr conspiracy theories & speech implement&did major dr*gs? Do you think Sirhan spend time in pen has ill feelings to Usa & danger to Usa? Sirhan own father abandon his mother/children? obama abandon by father He raised by mother & grandparents had love for all americans &he's black he don't have issues against _ he don't spread it either thats why people vote for him & obama Care help me numerous people?spread love not hate?

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