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October 10, 2011


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Shari ^i^

Good one. But I am glad to see the warning to those who overall applaud the OWS movement:

"Many participants are motivated by anger, frustration and resentment, and while that is indeed understandable, the energy of their thoughts and feelings about those conditions is registered as negativity in the field of potential. The result is, the energy generated by the people’s focus is attracting the “like” energy that is prolonging what they are protesting against.

The masses have not yet achieved the spiritual clarity that includes knowing the power of thoughts and feelings. They don’t know that they can’t manifest what they do want as long as they are preoccupied with what they don’t want."

Lightworkers are needed more than ever before to focus on what we DO want and to envision those qualities.

I can't seem to help myself from noticing what TPTWere are up to ("lookie-lu syndrome"), but I then use POWER OF CHOICE and FEELING INTENT to reformat vision into the world I want to see!


"..Taxation will be fair and so will salaries and wages. "

I thought that an enlighten civilization would overcome the need for money altogether.
The money is the source of all evil in this world. I really hope we'll be living in a moneyless society in the future.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Vortex - Please see the Andromeda Council on this issue:


Transformation via dimensional shift into 4D

The exact form our our positive future is still unsettled. Best not to have specific expectation! In Light, Alfred ;-)


Vortex, I had the same reaction to the mention of "salaries and wages". That sounds SO Old World Order, doesn't it? It's impossible to think of a Golden Age where we still have a monetary system, let alone salaries and wages, so let's hope he is referring to a temporary, interim stage here, or using the terms as a metaphor for whatever we will have in a moneyless system.

A quote by from Chris Hedges' article, Power Concedes Nothing Without a Demand, regarding wage slavery: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/power_concedes_nothing_without_a_demand_20110314/

“At one time in the U.S. in the mid-nineteenth century, a hundred and fifty years ago, working for wage labor was considered not very different from chattel slavery,” Chomsky told David Barsamian. “That was not an unusual position. That was the slogan of the Republican Party, the banner under which Northern workers went to fight in the Civil War. We’re against chattel slavery and wage slavery. Free people do not rent themselves to others. Maybe you’re forced to do it temporarily, but that’s only on the way to becoming a free person, a free man, to put it in the rhetoric of the day. You become a free man when you’re not compelled to take orders from others. That’s an Enlightenment ideal. Incidentally, this was not coming from European radicalism. There were workers in Lowell, Mass., a couple of miles from where we are. You could even read editorials in the New York Times saying this around that time. It took a long time to drive into people’s heads the idea that it is legitimate to rent yourself. Now that’s unfortunately pretty much accepted. So that’s internalizing oppression. Anyone who thinks it’s legitimate to be a wage laborer is internalizing oppression in a way which would have seemed intolerable to people in the mills, let’s say, a hundred and fifty years ago. … [I]t’s an [unfortunate] achievement [of indoctrination in our culture].”

Emir Co

Truth is so inspiring. The expansion of access to knowledge via the interent is one clear indicator of the new golden age.

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