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« Comet Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation; It will Trigger the Visible Split of Earth in Ascended Earth (A) and Catastrophic Earth (B) in October 2011 | Main | A Special Interview with the Arcturians: The Countdown Has Begun! The Ascension of Gaia and Humanity to the 4th and 5th Dimension at the Stargate 11.11.11. Pole Shift and Cataclysmic Events Will Only Affect 3d-Earth »

September 12, 2011


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SO much of what you say feels intuitively spot on as far as i am concerned George,so i thank you for these wonderful articles.

Austin London

I would first like to thank you very much for this eye opening and highly information article.
My question for you is what could one do spiritually, or energetically (chakra wise) to prepare for these times ahead?


Not sure where the author gets his information to reach these conclusions but I do not resonate at all with this scenario and it has nothing to do with fear of change but rather my internal radar.
A few other disagreements and comments:

- true knowledge is spiritual and much less scientific

- there is no evidence anywhere of upcoming mass ascension nor the end time neither this year nor in 2012 other than mayan prophecies and numerous spinners on that prophecy. Ascension requires individual based work over many years and its illogical to believe that the current state of populace on this planet is even close to ready. Only this author, george kavassilas and a handful of others claim mass ascension over the next year, right there is red flag.

- 11.11.11 is a man made date and of roman calendar to be specific and has nothing to do with the universe, if anything happens on this date it will be by the hand of the anglo-saxon-jesuit cabal in some occult/sacrifice/mind trap, same goes with 12/21/12


Thank You for this message, Love You all

Kevin Smith

I am keen and up on most of the science you put forth. I'd love hear an earful of what you know that requires greater language than in laymen's terms as I have a greater understanding than most. I do however feel that you are still speculating on how all this is REALLY gonna turn out.
If by some miracle, the bestial side of the Earth that will go the Mad Max way may have a change of heart after they see what is coming. And their intentions may lead them back towards the light ... however unlikely or improbable but stranger things have happened.

I would like to know what you may have to say if after 2 years pass from now and we are all still here and the world hasn't changed much ?

I like the fact that you DO use science to try and explain our current process of evolution. There has to be some mechanism behind it right ? that can be explained in a rational way that isn't complicated in such a way that no one will get it.

Even tho you pretty much say that we're all doomed as per Earth changes, I like your approach to the subject. The so called "Harvest" will not be so abundant this time round ... too many sleepers still at such a late date. I agree that if one cannot understand the mechanism or science of the shift then they still belong in school, hence the bulk of humanity as it is today will find another path to Ascension at this time, unless a miracle happens which is not unheard of.
I look forward to reading more material from you and will try and find some time to read over some old stuff. I see you have many many links to research materials. Are you familiar with Tom Beardon's work ?

talk to ya soon I hope ...


Kevin Smith

What is your scientific proof that Elenin IS a Galactic Federation ship ???
I've already heard what Hoagland has said and a few others ... didn't read anything in the recent blog that explains WHY it is an artificial object or mothership of some kind.

If it IS some kind of 5th dimensional manifestation then WHY can we see it ??? Why is it having 3rd dimensional interactions with the Sun ala the CME that hit it ??? It looks like a comet to us according to NASA but then we know they will always lie to us ... right ?
There is absolutely no way of knowing what it REALLY is ... as you said we have no 3D instrumentation to detect 5D IN 3D.
Any comments ???




ehm...what about the explosion of Elenin? It is October the 6th and it looks as quite disappeared.
Anyway, Stankov told us the dates. He assumed on himself the responsability for this. We will wait November the 12th and then, if nothing should be happened, we'll erase mr Stankov (and a lot of other forecasters) from our contacts. Anyway it will be a great day for the Truth.


The claim of this clown stankov "The Magnetic Pole Shift is coming in this Fall" is UTTER crap and BS.
NOTHING happened. Dont believe this idiot!

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