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« STANKOV UPDATES: The Magnetic Pole Shift is coming in this Fall as Part of Earth's Ascension; North Pole Will Move to Siberia. South Pole Will Move to South America and Africa; Moon Will be Removed From Earth's Orbit | Main | How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process (LBP) by Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD »

September 18, 2011


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What a bunch of psychological delusions.

Let's see the arcturians said so therefore it must be so. And who are they, another love and light crowd from space or cabal's hearing voices in your head technologies?

Come on you two this ascension, magnetic flip, 4D/5D nonsense has been rehashed so many times in the last 20 years that its laughable as much as all the channeling agenda programming.

If anything happens from now until end of 2012 it will be by the hands of the ruling cabal and that includes potential fake alien invasion, artificial inducement of earthquakes, volcano eruptions etc.

And you ascension can even be artificially induced by technology you don't understand. If you choose that route be prepared to be blinded by all sorts of bling in a virtual reality.


Thank You for sharing this Information my Friends, if You could answer my Question... my wife is in pregnant, mid november it will be 4 month of pregnancy, how does it work then, if she will ascend. Is there a soul already in this material vessel? I find this very interesting,thank You.
Love You

Dr. Stankov

Nobody will ascend unprepared. If your wive is pregnant at this time, your baby is a crystalline child and comes from the highest realms of cosmic providence to help earth and humanity ascend in the fall. The very presence of your baby on this planet at this time is the ultimate guarantee that all will go well with your family.

In Love and Light

Georgi Stankov


Most people on earth at this time are still involved in religion and their belief systems are keeping them from even stepping outside of the box to learn anything else. I personally came out of religion and have freed myself from the belief system I was brainwashed into believing all my life. However, I have only just begun to study anything having to do with other dimensions, awakening, chakras, etc. I have never channelled, because I still do not know how. I am only just beginning to even understand about what chakras are, because of the past conditioning done to my mind by those in religion or elsewhere. In my mind I know all of what I have thus far read about awakening is true, and it is my free will intent to want to ascend and not remain on this 3D earth which I know will only get worse and become more of a hell. Is my intent in my mind to want to ascend and leave this dark energy earth enough to allow me to ascend, or must I know all the knowledge and things you know to ascend? My current family all wants to ascend and leave this earth, but none of us have had enough time to study everything out, as we only came out of religion a year ago. We have free will, so can my intent of my own free will to want to ascend free me of this hell earth? Because I have had enough of living on a planet filled with this much hate, war, violence, etc. I want to live in a place where I am truly free and where there is only unconditional love for everyone. My Husband and children all feel the same way, but as I said all this knowledge is new to us, but yet we know it is truth and we all want to ascend, but do not know how, because we have not learned enough yet to understand what we must do. Is our free will intent choice in our mind enough to allow us to not remain on this hell earth? Thank you,

David Smith

With all the disinformation going around I find it difficult to know who to listen to. The last thing I want is to be duped into a false reality before ascension. Owl's post ( as angry as it is) Makes me wonder...WTF? Much love to you. <3


Listen to your heart dear David. And live in the now. The future doesn't exist.

SN 56:11

II. "What is the noble truth of the origin of suffering? It is craving, which renews being, and is accompanied by relish and lust, relishing this and that: in other words, craving for sensual desires, craving for being, craving for non-being. But whereon does this craving arise and flourish? Wherever there is that which seems lovable and gratifying, thereon it arises and flourishes."
Sa.myutta Nikaaya


Ascension is possible but it is an individual process not a mass event and takes years and years of appropriate work. It just does not happen in the state of mind we are at on the planetary level. This whole 12/21/2012 BS is a trap by forces that rule this planet so be careful out there as that is a target date by cabal forces to commence their hideous high tech version of a NWO unless they get exposed prior. I suggest you study ancient texts by the real teachers from east and west and learn to read between the lines, all the answers are there. Learn discernment and avoid mind controlled drones & channelers of today that are being thought implanted by technology they don't even understand to further spread to the naive for either a harvest/sacrifice who knows where or slavery right here.

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