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July 10, 2011


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David Randle

Thank you so much Dr Stankov for this Truth. Love & Light to you...and I wish you well in your mission my friend :) I have yet to realise my own...but I know it's coming oh yes :)


Thank you very much Dr. Stankov. It really makes me so excited for things what will unfold despite of what will come sooner. I have been waiting for this time. I have felt it within me, i am so free now finally when i found the TRUTH more about your essay. Much love and light to you.


Well thank YOU for keeping it Real! In my humble opinion one of the most powerful actions the human race can take is complete non-compliance to all systems...gevernment,education, monatary,religious ect... We must firmly stand in the truth of the Divine beings we are with love and compassion yet never again give our power away to these corrupt systems...on or off planet.

Belinda Meharry

Thankyou Dr Stankov.
Love and Light to you.

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