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All governments ARE, and Must Be,

the best organized criminal gangs.

That is due to real natural laws.

Civilizations ARE, & Must Be,
systems of organized robbery.

Those who control the government
have already become the dominant
minority that benefits from the
ability to repress alternatives.

Also posted a link to this radio recording
in a thread on our English language forum:


under a thread on

"Alternative Energies & Society Adapted to Them"

All governments ARE, and Must Be,

the best organized criminal gangs.

That is due to real natural laws.

Civilizations ARE, & Must Be,
systems of organized robbery.

Those who control the governmentS
have already become the dominant
minority that benefits from the
ability to repress alternatives.

Sovereignty is based on a power to rob.

"Taxation" is a fancy word for robbery.

It IS de facto.

Governments are self-organizing and self-justifying.

There are no fundamental dichotomies between people.

All human beings only know relative lies.

All human beings really live as robbers.

Those who did that best developed
and controlled their governments.

There is no other reality there.

The guy speaking of his experiments with metals,

in the overwhelming context of conflict with the

government of Canada asserting its rights to tax.

Instead of the guy being able to develop technology,
he had to waste tons of his times resisting robbery.

This guy has discovered more about the social facts.

He seems like a reactionary revolutionary,
of the crazy Christian variety, who fails
to recognize that the Bible is another of
the systems of organized lies, backed up
with coercions, that have controlled the
history of Western civilization before,
and continue to thusly be controlled.

The money system is the biggest of crazy cults.

Faith-based money, fiat money, is maintained
by being backed up with sufficient violence.

"Money" is fundamentally based on robbery,
with the power to tax making the frauds,
in fiat money become social triumphs.

The only real resistance is balance
of the power to rob, and those are
the only realities granted to the
citizens that are really members
of their organized gang, that is,
the country that they belong to.

It is already a globally integrated system
of huge lies, and lots of violence, that
serve organized frauds and robberies.

The only scientific war forward is
to work within those social facts.

Impossible ideals that human civilization
could be anything else but lies & coercion
automatically backfired, and fail to work.

The alternative energy systems are directed
by society itself going down its own ways
of structuring the human paths of least
resistance for human energy to flow.

Therefore, those who were the best at being dishonest,
and backing that up with violence, built civilization.

The choices over which technologies were developed were
guided by the reality of human conflicts being solved
by some people killing other people, ... before they
could have been killed instead, & that death control
made and maintained the slavery systems which have
evolved to become more sophisticated slaveries,
such as the debt controls run by fiat money,
being partially privatized, while still yet
also being enforced by taxation collection.

Any "government" of Canada is a system of
organized lies serving organized robbery,
while the vast majority of its citizens
do not understand those social facts,
since they have been brainwashed to
believe in big bullies' bullshit.

The guy talking in this radio interview
seems to be another classic case of a
reactionary revolutionary, who has
discovered the social facts, but,

still wants to believe in his own illusions,

since he has his own church, and he quotes

the Bible, I presume that he believes ???

As always, I find it bizarre that people,
like this guy, discovers more truth about
the real nature of the government, but,
still probably has a firm set of other
convictions which are also illusions.

At the very beginning of this talk,

the guy talks about

metals developing dendritic structures,

which, on their own time scale, look like life does ...

Energy flows everywhere, and surely through metals too.

It does appear that human beings are mid wifing birth

of life in "metals" such as gold or germanium, and

silicon and silver, assisting them to evolved

structures which have the properties of life.

While the lower elements in the period table
may bring life to the higher elements there,
bringing life to metals will simultaneously
bring more ecologies & long-term evolution
to these possible "new kingdom of life" ...

There then will have to be some selection,
and kinds of death control more conscious,
within that new kingdom of life, and thus
human beings will yet have another mirror
to gaze upon and analogize to how our own
human ecologies and evolution truly work.

New technologies can not be genuinely developed
outside of the second law of thermodynamics &
the overall increasing of total entropy ...

That is especially true when it goes through
real social systems, which must necessarily
be based on systems of organized lies, as
able to be backed up by coercions that
maintain the overall systems of the
organized robbery which ARE the
real ways human beings live in
the context of their world.

A "greater harmony" is a new balance
in the systems of lies and coercion.

The old systems of lies, backed up by coercion,
are getting too far out of touch with reality,
and therefore, are threatening to collapse ...

Any new system will NOT be based on "Truth."

Any new system will be a new system of lies.

The path towards a scientific revolution is
to become more aware of the social facts and
to stop using false fundamental dichotomies
to try to understand them, and follow those
ideals to try to change them in the future,
but rather, to use unitary mechanisms that
accept the fundamental reality that ALL
governments are necessarily going to
BE the best organized crimnal gangs.

That is the only "truth" upon which
the actions of citizens become saner.

There are ONLY various false gods.

The claims to have the only true God
are always the psychotic bullshit of
various historical kinds of bullies.

Those who assert their right to be the government
have tended to privatize God, and then they have
tended to privatize the environment, because the
entire real system is based on the assertions
of lies, backed up with coercion, which IS
the reality of what has been going on ...

This audio briefly mentions the potential
for the new life of metals, in symbiosis
with the old life of biological beings.

However, almost all of it are discussions
of how and why this guy is being attacked
by the governmental tax collection agency.

This guy has been forced to learn some social facts,
however, he still claims to be an optimist and he
indulges in the fantasy that impossible ideals
might someday be made to become more real.

The Pure Energy of the Whole is Transcendental Truth.

A power to change goes through everything,
but is not limited to being any one thing.

All languages are inherently problematic.

We try to model something we are part of.

As soon as we define any reality, then
the God talk, and other justifications
for why their a divinve robbery right,
is always transcendentally true ...

However, all talk about freedom and democracy,
or truth and justice, is nothing else but our
transcendental poetry, that is, by definition,
"true" the ways that music or mathematics is.

However, as soon as we refer to anything,
and measure it, and identify it as being
separate from its environment, then it
must transact across that boundary.

That defined boundary has the
conservation of energy go on
through it, and thus unites
it with the Whole that it
was first subtracted from.

However, any useful meaning in the
language, which models a reality,
has to respect the definitions.

The defined being, that is separate from the Whole,
is only relatively separated, and everything known
about it is subject to inherent measurement limits.

Therefore, everything we know about anything real
must necessarily be some relative illusion or lie.

Every possible system understanding
must be some organized lying system.

Furthermore, whenever any defined being
transacts across its defined boundaries,
then, the real ways that it takes things
depends upon the action of real forces.

Human animals are, and must be, entropic pumps.

Our need to eat, & so on & so forth, ARE
fundamentally acts that really are defining
a process of robbery, & groups of humans
are thus necessarily gangs of robbers ...

The great go-around in alternative technologies,
and the alternative life-styles adapted to them,
is that the energy laws which make a technology
are also manifesting inside of a human ecology.

Mr. Carter is obligated to Revenue Canada, and will also be an employee to the Corporation of Canada and obligated to all laws of Canada until such time he properly reclaims his commonlaw rights. He must go through the process of becoming a commonlaw free man on the land. Mr. Carter needs to see "Solutions in Commerce" and Robert Arthur Menard's Videos, thinkfree.ca and thinkfree forums, some excellent DVDs on bittorent are also available as well.

So what else is new?
You are obviously a thorn in the side of the fossil fuel and motor vehicle criminal conspiracy.
People have no rights against the government and corporate power structure.

Consider yourself lucky that they want to steal your eventual results badly enough to allow you to live until you find out some really valuable, otherwise they would just go ahead and kill you.

Good luck,


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