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Alfred, you were RIGHT regarding the Courtney Brown RV study for June 1st 2013 disaster scenario. It was a holographic creation of some malevolent greys twisted to amplify the scene/situation for the viewers. When I saw a picture of Sydney with fog over the harbor bridge, I knew instantly, the vision was changed to allow for catastrophic interpretation. Yes, we tend to fall for that trick!. But your awareness prior brought many insights into holographic tampering.

As for Nibiru, there will be NO actual negative effects whatsoever, all spins of syops have been used up!. I have always known that!. I do welcome the actual viewing of a flyby. The "KillZone" meme has been cooked up by Ed Dames and it should really die off, our focus on humans need greater effort as that is the biggest problem we have.
Appreciate your work and honesty. Best Regards.

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