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To know the answer to the question - what is our purpose on the earth? - Alfred, you should interview A'sha-yana Deane! Or read her books: Voyagers I + II.


I do not agree with her comment that we are destroying our selves. I saw Tracey Taylor as well---I do not believe humans are the inhumane I believe demonic entities enter those that make them inhumane--The language spoken--sounds very much as those of satanic occult have experienced---Alot of these encounters have to do with demonic entities--not aliens---


Many of these so called aliens are actually demonic---We are now at the end of times where we will see many creatures and the rise of SATAN conditioning humans especially those he can go through---It is very hard to go through with someone whose belief in Jesus Christ--Satan will try to transhumanise and try telepathic which they are working on human cyborgs in future and connnect everyone to think what others are thinking it has to do with the OCCULT-----Satan will go after children---Nazi Scientist stated government will play the ALIEN CARD as if they will come and take over the world in reality these are all demonic


Her comment about learning to be human by writing extraterrestial ---they are taking over the body--they will manipulate the body to make it feel good to get what it wants----Priests have come out stating to watch out to do any YOGA or Meditation for the soul can move out and the demonic moves in and takes over the body----One of the remarks on the girl in the film learning to be human the entity is teaching the human to be human does not make any since to me----if your not human how can you teach me to be human -----


People in the firlm Human evolution alien hybrid ---the girl goes to Egypt showing the triangular with eye in the center -----The Egyptians back then actually warshipped Satan-----The Triangular with the Eye in the Center is the symbol of the DEVIL--The eye means the EYE OF HORUS----Look and understand the meaning and occult symbals----these drawings and egyptian visits all have satanic symbols-------its not alien is demonic

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