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Hi Alfred my perception of Obama is that he is extremely intelligent and that he is playing the game. He apparently has been meeting with the Galactics and knows that the cabal rule is over. The bills and laws that were signed Obama knows that they will not go through because of the end of this control game that is over. The light has won on this planet and Obama has a big rôle in this and it is positive. Right now I think he is like a double agent and a even in the Washington the good guys don t even know who is good or who is bad. It seems to kept very low profile in order to corner the cabal. Namaste and thank you for your good reports I enjoy your work and sense of humor about all this!Nicole


Alfred -- I believe that President Obama is part ET (birth certificate issue). I think he is being controlled, as well as protected by MIB (comment made by Mr. Putin). I also believe he was created to be where he is today. What gums up the plan is that he incarnated as an indigo. That frequency, that ray of LIGHT dissipates darkness just the same as white light. He is a manufactured pawn on the chessboard with "something up his sleeve." I'm not a chess player. Do pawns take kings?


I can't believe all the blind morons. It's in his own fucking biography he supported communist causes since his youth and you think he won't do it in his Presidency?

He is a right wing globalist in Disguise and will sell out for the bottom dollar and the Republicans were only pretending to fight back to play with your mind and soul.


Wait it gets worse then that. He almost made it so we can ONLY drive the tiny Obama cars where the auto makers would be sued if they make anything else.

You would be billed for how far you drive.

The law was vetoed by a small margin or you would have no choices. That is why you don't see mini vans or SUV's anymore because the left think they are Satan's bane and want YOU to either to bicycle to work or drive tiny eco friendly cars.

They also came close to making it where you would be billed for how far you drive. If you commute more then 3 miles you would pay a higher premium for gas.


My tiny Obama car would be VERY energy effective because it would never go anywhere. :)

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