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anonymous loose cannon

Governor, you can move space-like and go into any time point on any timeline. Or you can go time-like and move quite literally into any space anywhere in the universe (provided there are natural Kashnikov-like tubes to where you want to go)or even beyond it, into spacetimes that are not like the one we live in. The main thing, sir, is to have a way to punch a whole in our spacetime and find a kind of ready-made tube to go in the type of travel you want to do. What you showed in your program is accurate, and I understand your unwillingness to buy the kit and the kaboodle. But I can tell you one thing, governor: the physics of it all is accurate and real.

Suggestion: do your own due diligence on the physics of it, and get June and Tyrel to find you people in the open scientific community who would be willing to talk with you about all of what interests you. But if I were you, I'd drop the "time travel" stuff and focus on the physics of space-like and time-like events. And it wasn't Star Trek you were looking for when you confronted Basiago about time travel. It was Stargate, which started with the movie that later became a very popular TV series. What did the device you were shown that was supposedly running at Sandia looked like that also can be a carbon copy to the device in the movie and in the series? A wheel. Is that a coincidence, sir? No, not really. What you should be asking now is, just how did the script writer for the original movie, and the people (writers and producers) working on the series come up with the wheel they used to send people to other planets in the galaxy? Sound like a haystack, doesn't it, governor? Well, where there is a smoking gun (the wheel idea) there's got to be a source, or sources. I would also listen to the thing about time travel being a tool to come up with alternate responses to possible futures. What did he say time travel was used as? A weapon. Using children to learn the biologic requirements of going through that kind of "tunnel" makes sense, governor. What you should ask now is, have the problems for crossovers been worked out enough to be safe for full grown human beings, soldiers and scientists and engineers and explorers? What I'm suggesting, sir, is that you have a second look at the TV series and get your questions from what you see. But first, look into the physics and how could this kind of "travel" could be possible. Then take the Pegasus stuff and the Sandia stuff Basiago told you about more seriously.

Good luck, sir. You're doing a job we all are hoping can unravel and lead somewhere. I for one hope you are up to the task.

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