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The research done in this field is a compilation of findings from different individuals who happen to be looking for different things in their research, so, several different people come up with several different theories which, to them, may constitute fact.

It is, in my opinion, somewhat ignorant to claim that any one person has all the answers to all the questions.

This information has to be taken as a combined effort.

Pointing fingers at individual researchers (as this video does) does not provide any answers other than different individuals come to different conclusions because they are looking for different things to begin with.

I think it's fairly safe to say that ALL the relevant research that has been done in this field points to the FACT that there was extraterrestrial presence on the Earth in our past, as well as in modern times, from many artifacts that have been uncovered and from the eye witness testimony of various persons still alive today.

As a metaphysical researcher myself, I believe that these Ancient Aliens were simply our ancestors, arriving from many different places in the galaxy, and that we Earth hu-mans are only now beginning to understand how that happened -- how these Ancient Aliens did their planet hopping, as that knowledge has been suppressed from our psyches for thousands of years. Just trying to speak or write about these things is a very difficult task for us, as if there is a block somewhere, a connection turned off; however, this knowledge is still inherent in our individual mind/body/spirit complexes, our DNA.

Larry Cox

This film "debunks" a TV series which utilizes two of the least professional researchers in this field who have made some of the most sensational claims about ET. Of all the work done on the subject, this would be the easiest to "debunk" because all of the players are more interested in producing entertainment than they are in figuring out what really happened.
I don't need people going around "debunking" each other. What a waste of time. I need people who are actually interested in the truth.
We are a long way from this in this field. It's still mostly full of amazing stories. Good fodder for TV, but not where wisdom begins.


Michael Heisner is a guy in denial about the Fact ET/Interdimensionals have always been on our planet and Solar System,from long before our current civilization. Zacharia Sitchin and Eric von Daniken etc may be inaccurate in their individual assumptions at times,when you break literally thousands of bits of information and data down...But,count to ten,take a step back,look at not just the obvious evidence staring us in the face on earth,of our ET Ancestory,look at all the artificiality on the moon and Mars.It's a no brainer for those with the eyes to see.

catherine marcuccio

What makes Michael the expert of experts and we have former top secret government officials claiming not only have ET races
been here before humans but are here now underground , intergalactic and Inter-dimensional. We are a hybrid species of various races so Michael find out who you really are and where your origins are from. You are on a big disconnect in my opinion. I really don't care what you are debunking, you need to focus on the big picture.

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