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D. Owens

Alfred, please do not introduce 'Tolec' as "Tolec is the human representative of the Andromeda Council". While he does represent himself as such, and that the 'Andromeda Council' actually exists, he has offered no proof whatsoever of this and indeed has both banned discussion of his credentials when asked for proof on his website, and has now publicly attacked a person for asking for proof and when this was not offered and indeed the request ridiculed, 'Tolec' published this man's name, location and employment details on line for everyone to see, also indicating that this man was a 'reptilian sleeper agent' and confusing this person (a male) and another Youtube poster, (a female), stating they were one and the same.

'Tolec' also implied that this other person had threatened your welfare, and also by insinuation, 'Tolec' and his family.

What the person calling himself 'Tolec' has done is not only lacking in honesty, it is probably actionable legally as slander. Publishing on line someone's name, location and employment details is reprehensible and may cause untold ramifications for this individual, whose only crime was asking for proof that what 'Tolec' said was indeed true.

Please make sure your viewers and followers understand that nothing this entity has stated can be proven to be true, and that many of his predictions either have not come to pass, or are so vague as to be silly, i.e. predicting an earthquake in the area of the Ring of Fire, and then announcing after the fact that a random EQ was the one he predicted... and is somehow 'proof' that a reptilian base has been destroyed...

I take people coming forward who claim to have unusual information or unusual connections very seriously, as I am sure many do. But it has become common for people in power to lie to us about nearly everything. We do not need self proclaimed 'saviors' lying to us, also.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" and that has simply not been forthcoming from 'Tolec' no matter how compelling or trustworthy he may seem...

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Tolec was not introduced as you state. The sentence reads in full:

"Tolec is the human representative of the Andromeda Council that Tolec reports is a galactic governance council for star systems in the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies."

As to your other point, the individual in question wrote me under various pseudonyms and included attacking information, trying to suck me into his charade. So your characterization and statements are incomplete. Please see www.andromedacouncil.com for Tolec's statement as to the resolution of this matter.

Thank you.

Leave your mind behind

You all should be seating in daily meditation and the truth will be revealed!

Yours spiritually,

David de Tremaudan

If one looks at the spectrum of people posting the upcoming events of what will happen to our planet in the next year or so, one will find a common theme. This theme is what sould be seen as the real event. When we start to take one persons view over another, we will get that persons perseption of what will happen for them and how they view the upcoming event. I have been involved in numerous investigations and if you have ten people that have witnessed an event, you will come up with ten different views of the situation. The truth is in the common theme. All the commonalities of the event is where the true answer is. Do not limit yourself to following the lead of one individual no matter how the evidence they gives fits to give you "feel good" answers. Don't get me wrong, for them it's real and the way things will go. I suggest that a person views all that is available on the subject, find the common themes, and make up your own mind as to how this effects you and what you see as an outcome for yourself. Stop the mindless finger pointing and listen to what these people (all of them) are telling you. They all have their own truth. Look for yours. One of the common themes for this event is that everyone gets to freely chose their own path and destiny. Our collective problem is that we have had someone else planning how we are going to live for so long, we don't seem to be able to grasp that it will be our right to choose. Another common them is our world is changing. Ask youself how you want to change with it. Another common theme is the ET's. Anyone that denies this is blind. Look at the size of our universe. It seems extremely arrogant to me to think we really are alone in the universe. If one looks at all of the information supplied on the subject, one will come up with what you see for yourself. So stop this petty quibbling and do some exploring. one thing is for sure, it looks to be one hell of an adventure.


This is an awesome time to be on the earth! Take it all in people.... we just don't know what we don't know?!?! But what we are learning and open to, let it resonate with us and the truth will be known. I truly believe this. Wadoka


Exciting! Thank you, Tolec and Alfred!
To Conservitusprime: please leave these two alone!



Justin Hansen

exciting stuff here! I just hope that the skies here in Wisconsin will be clear for this event! Thank you both for your work. Wodakote, Peace and love!

One Who Knows

To D. Owens~

A person who is acting honestly would not close their comments down, delete videos that might serve as proof that HE was the attacker (thank goodness for the download feature) and taunt people that one does not know in a self-aggrandizing way...he also not have multiple accounts under various names: conservitusprime, cobrabase, etc. THAT my friend, is the makings of a sociopath. He doesn't even have the basic understanding to know that T did not call him a "reptilian", but did call him an "sleeper agent" as in: "being used by the reptilians without his knowledge of". One thing that Tolec has always stated is to not believe him by word, but to go by your own internal guidance that the info he presents could be true.

One Who Knows

Alfred & Tolec,

Thank you for all your hard work and information. It IS appreciated by the ones who understand its importance!


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