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The scientist is lying, or ignorant. He is relying on his authority to convince people of things that aren't even true.

The Eskimo are telling the truth. They have no reason to lie.

But how does this change anything?

We have known for a long time that most people in positions of authority have been forced to lie to us. The problem is: If they are lying, how do we find the truth?

Everyone is so concerned about what WILL happen. That's what the Cabal is so worried about. They aren't sure what will happen.

But I would be very happy if we knew what IS happening! And you don't need any fancy theories about time and probabilities to do that. All you have to do is observe and be willing to say honestly what your see. In other words: Be there and communicate; the two greatest crimes in this universe!

Who is willing to be a "criminal" in the name of truth? NOW is your time!

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