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  • Alfred_lambremont_webre_by_davidvigon-dacbnws copy

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What an amazing story...fascinating! And it's backed up with dozens of parallels and facts (there are no such thing as coincidences!). Sad that the first comment here is obviously very negative and from someone working on the wrong side. Thank you Patrick for helping humanity. Much love to you and yours.xxoo

Stanley Hutchinson

If this guy is Nicolas Tesla, I want to see him build a copy of the Pierce-Arrow, Using any modern car available, that RUNS OFF OF AMBIENT - ETHER ENERGY, and go up to 50 MPH, for 90 MILES, OR IS IT 90 MPH, UP TO 50 MILES range. Either / or.
And release that to the public for help to mankind.

We don't need to use Petroleum any more.

jeanna cav

Thank you Albert, Patrick and Sterling.
Now, I understand why I always connected Patrick Flanagan and Nicola Tesla. It should have been obvious but now I am so happy to have this connection.


Ego in Check? I do not think so. Anybody who tells the public he is the reincarnation of a famous person, without proving the same or similar abilities, is, in my opinion, just a little guy in need of attention.
Akashic records? Read anything he wants? That is another proof of a big-head. I am sorry, but I do not believe everything I read or hear. Paper is patient.

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