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ALFRED!!!!!!!!!!!! ALFRED!!!!!!!!!!!

~The truth needs and deserves to be heard by all!!!!!!!

Anyone who is blocking this is keeping change from happening, Worldwide.

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!


Think about this 1 mister Webre. The Exopolitcs Research Community consists of 4 groups:
(1 Government Agencies
(2 Corporations
(3 Extraterrestrial Contac tees
(4 Extraterrestrials

Which of the following groups do you represent? You actually should be more honest to the public in regard what exopolitics constitutes today.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

You seem to have forgotten that citizen researcher, the disclosure movement, the Truth movement.

I represent the Truth movement in Exopolitics, and historically was the first to define the concept and field of Exopolitics with my 2000 book EXOPOLITICS.

IN LIGHT, Alfred ;-)


I am behind you Alfred. No more Examiner for me...
A way to tell when something is truth watch them close it down...lol...


I wondered what happened. Well keep posting things where ever you can, and we will keep reading. Thank you for your effort.


Hey I know what you are talking about they recently unpublished a number of my articles for no given reason. They were positive and negative article such as the protest in Baltimore and gang members were preventing looters from shoplifting and burning down buildings.

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