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To me it seems that they cannot arrest billions of people. We can carry on growing brewing and eating what we like IF we ALL do it? Even sheeple could understand this?

Edgar Avila

This is unacceptable, The more the government does to try to reduce population and mind control. Dont they have enough with chem trails,toxins in our food, depletion in minerals in our soil. Water being treated with fluoride, pharmaceutics,and toxins. Just attacking us in every way possible, were are no more than cattle and a game to them. We the people of this world need to take action against these monster governments, there genocidal. PEOPLE wake up take charge before you have no say on some part of your life, you have been raped since the day of your birth,violated with traumatic experiences done by a uni formal Nazi demonic system that cares less of you. save your home bring a better future to your family and end the FED. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND TELL THEM TO GET RID OF THIS MASS MURDER ON THE WORLD.


2014 end of March the Human race, Mother Earth and co, will have completed our ascension into the fourth dimension, and by gad! rest assured! these parasites! whom have inhabited this earth for far too long bringing to the human race nothing but misery, upon misery, death and destruction on and above this earth, will be sought out and forcibly removed to the furtherest outmost far, far away rims of the universe, don't care which universe, locked down and the keys thrown away...they can play their sick little games on each other there! We know who you are, you stick out a mile, by your psychopathic actions! And as for these others hiding away! it will be NO SWEAT! to us ascended humans to seek you out and ship you out! Ooooo...it will be a piece o cake!


31st March 2012...5 more days to the arrests of these parasites...can't come soon enough!


I've been following CODEX ALIMENTARIUS since 2009. I discovered it while researching the World Health Org. At the time, I thought no way would this, or COULD this happen. I was wrong. This is coming to your town in 2014 - coincidentally the same year the government takes over our health care. CODEX is meeting in Germany this week. I just finished reading their mission statement and agenda. This is not conspiracy shit. Imagine vitamins by prescription, if the government approves. Obamacare is just the segway evil to a much broader agenda. Look it up. This is not taken from blogs. Everything can be found at the WHO website and the CODEX website. They take copulous notes. I guess they know we won't take the time to read them. Thanks to Obamacare, CODEX AUX and also Agenda 21, our days of independence in the U.S. are coming to an end


"Copious" notes, not copulous...

anthony barrett

i am totally against any LAW that say,s what i can and cant take for my health,my body belong,s to me no one else, so go and take your horrible stupid money ? making laws and stick them right up your arsehole,who do you people think you are.MY HEALTH IS SACRAMOUNT god bless and peace to all.

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