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Whistling Dixie

Remember to add in Rotary International, whose mission objective is "to eradicate polio." Rotary International's registered agent is PLAN U.S.A., their mission objective is to provide every child a "BIRTH CERTIFICATE". If you know anything about securitization you know then as well that the "DEATH CERTIFICATE" will also reap these criminals millions per child. It is all about human trafficking for profit, through Agenda 21 eugenicists, UNITED NATIONS,and their agents etal. See the Georgia Guidestones for their philosophy on depopulation control.


Ebola Vaccine: Naiad + GSK + RFID = 666



Numerical Value of GAVI = 234 (6x6x6+6+6+6)



Gates foundation should no longer operate in India till the truth of the matter is investigated. Compensation is due for victims and the foundation should be blacklisted.If there is truth in the story , then assets of the foundation should be seized and those who did this vaccination should be put in prison.

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